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Japan: NJPW Hamakatsu PRESENTS Wrestling Dontaku 2019 Tag 2 Results vom 04.05.2019
Verfasst von KuuhDeeGraaaas am 04.05.2019, 12:32 Uhr
NJPW Hamakatsu PRESENTS Wrestling Dontaku 2019 Tag 2
04. Mai 2019
Fukuoka Convention Center, Fukuoka - 6105 Zuschauer

Ren Narita/Shota Umino besiegen Yuya Uemura/Yota Tsuji via Pin von Umino an Tsuji nach dem Fisherman's Suplex (7:36)

It was announced that the blocks for this year's Best of the Super Juniors tournament will be revealed on Tuesday

Suzuki-Gun (TAKA Michinoku/El Desperado/Yoshinobu Kanemaru/BUSHI/Minoru Suzuki) besiegen Ryusuke Taguchi/Tiger Mask IV/Toa Henare/YOSHI-HASHI/Jeff Cobb via Pin von Taichi an Henare nach dem Tensho Jujihyo (11:16)

Jyushin Thunder Liger/Toru Yano/Togi Makabe besiegen THE BULLET CLUB (Jado/Guerrillas of Destiny: Tanga Loa/Tama Tonga) via Pin von Yano an Jado nach einem Einroller (7:40)

Tomoaki Honma/Juice Robinson/CHAOS (Mikey Nicholls/Hirooki Goto) besiegen THE BULLET CLUB (Hikuleo/Chase Owens/Bad Luck Fale/Jay White) via Pin von Robinson an Hikuleo nach dem Pulp Friction (11:57)

They aired the same video from last night, featuring the words "Time's Up". Whoever it is, they will be revealed at the Best of the Super Junior finals on June 5.

'X' was revealed to be El Phantasmo, the newest member of the Bullet Club.

THE BULLET CLUB (El Phantasmo/Taiji Ishimori) besiegen Will Ospreay/Dragon Lee via Pin von El Phantasmo an Ospreay nach dem Modified Face-buster (9:58)

Los Ingobernables de Japon (Shingo Takagi/BUSHI/Tetsuya Naito) besiegen Kota Ibushi/CHAOS: Roppongi 3K: SHO/YOH via Pin von Naito an YOH nach dem Destino (13:47)

Naito took the mic after the match. The story is Naito has yet to name a time or place for the eventual IC title match. He officially laid out the challenge for June 9 at Dominion. He asked Ibushi if he accepted the challenge. Ibushi came back to the ring and accepted, so that match seems to be official.

Hiroshi Tanahashi came to the ring. He’s been gone most of this tour due to an elbow injury. He said his cast had just come off yesterday and was sad he couldn’t wrestle on this tour. He mentioned how this time last year he ended up winning the G1 and won the IWGP title at WrestleKingdom, but now he’s lost all of his momentum and is at his lowest.

He confirmed that he will be back on June 5 at the Best of the Super Junior finals and will look to reclaim the IWGP Heavyweight title again.

Jay White entered the ring with Gedo. He said the line starts with him and he deserves to be in the back of the line, even behind Goto. Gedo distracted him momentarily which allowed Jay White to jump him and attack the elbow. He grabbed a chair and wrapped Tanahashi’s arm in the chair and looked to destroy it with another chair, but was stopped. He told Tanahashi that he was next.

Tomohiro Ishii besiegt EVIL via Pin nach dem Vertical drop brain-buster (23:08)

IWGP Heavyweight Championship Match
Kazuchika Okada (c) besiegt SANADA via Pin nach dem Rainmaker (38:03)

Okada extends his hand after the match. SANADA says one more, then fist bumps Okada as he makes his exit. After posing with the sponsors, he cuts a promo. He mentioned the changing of the eras in Japan, saying he will be the one to change the wrestling scene in the Reiwa era and he’s got plenty more to do.

He said he was going to make it rain when all of a sudden, the lights go dark. None other than Chris Jericho appears on the screen, calling himself the painmaker. At June 9 at Dominion, he challenges for the IWGP Heavyweight title and he’s going to win, win win. Okada says lets do it, saying that he will be the one who will win

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