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Medien: Exklusiv: Interview mit Jay Hunter von OSW Reviews
Verfasst von CptElbow am 08.06.2014, 13:31 Uhr
Bei OSW Review handelt es sich um ein Projekt, dass die klassischen PPV der Vergangenheit, anfänglich die Hogan-Ära, retrospektiv nachbespricht. Old School Wrestling Review funktioniert in Videoform und wird mit einigen humoristichen Anspielungen und popkulturellen Referenzen gespickt. Ich hatte für die Gelegenheit den leitenden Kopf der Bande Jay Hunter mal ein paar Fragen zu stellen. Von meiner Seite kann ich euch OSW Review nur wärmstens empfehlen und hoffe auch für Leute, die bereits mal reingeschaut haben, ein paar nette Informationen anbieten zu können. Für alle die OSW Review noch nicht kennen, schaut mal rein. Am besten direkt bei Facebook. Links findet ihr auch em Ende des Interviews.
Viel Spaß!

The introduction again in english, according to the demand of Jay Hunter to link this thread:

OSW Review is the great project which shows the classical PPVs of the past, beginning with the Hogan-Era in retrospect. It is a showconcept with much humor and pop-clutural references at it´s best. I had the oppurtunity to speak with Jay Hunter exklusively for to ask him some questions. I can just recommend OSW Reviews to you all and hope to give it´s viewers some more information. For all who didn´t take a look by now, check out OSW, best on Facebook. Links are placed in the end of the interview.

Hello Jay, thanks for your time.
Hellooo! Wie gehts, meine brahs! Before I start the interview, I wanna say I love Germany, I've been to Munich, Oberhausen and Berlin. I think Irish & Germans have a lot in common; well, being good folks, loving be er and large breasts. And grosse bratwurst! Ich liebe grosse bratwurst! Ok I'm done. I've known about since the late 90s, I'm fairly certain I downloaded ShawnMichaels-SexyBoy.wav from you guys! It's awesome that it's s till going strong.

How did the idea for OSW come about?
Before the show, myself and the guys did written reviews covering WWE, TNA, ROH, and some Japan shows. Christmas 2010, my brother gave me a box of about 20 "Tagged Classics", which are DVD sets of 2 old WWF PPVs each. I thought I'd make good use of it.

Would you say OSW is a must-watch for wrestling fans?
I wouldn't, that seems narcissistic! The show is my self and my best friends (we're all 20+ year wrestl ing fans) having a laugh discussing and enjoying the best and worst of old PPVs, spliced to video footage of the show, an d usually some Simpsons quotes. Our show is more of a snapshot of the time period, as I flesh out the storylines, backstage dealings and what happened next. The PPV is only half the st ory! Also, this pickle I'm offering only sweetens t he deal.

Reviewing wrestling history adds a new perspective, does it alter your memories?
Definitely. I have new appreciation for guys such a s (Rubbish) Ronnie Garvin, (Aloha) Arn Anderson, and even Ric Flair, who was even better than I remember. The in-ring is a lot better now than it was back then, but wow, l ate 80s WWF had a stacked roster full of main-event level wrestlers , like Ted DiBiase, Roddy Piper, Nailz, Jake Robert s, Mr. Perfect - all never held the WWF title. So many incredibly strong , colourful characters who can cut great promos, which still stand up today.

Jericho invented much, but how did you, or who, invented the "what-bar?"-Challenge?
That's 100% Steve (V1). Before our Survivor Series 1991 episode he told me that Macho Man's attire looked like a Stinger bar. I laughed hard and told him to bring it up on the show. For those who haven't seen OSW, we take wrestlers attire and liken them to bars, ice-creams etc with the same colours. It's so much fun!

You started with the complete Hogan Era in WWF, was the production of the "Arquette-Trilogy" a huge break?
We originally planned to end OSW Review at SummerSlam 92 (I didn't think we'd actually reach it!) so continuing on, we wanted to do something completely different. So Russo, Jarrett and Arquette on the deathbed of WCW wasperfect! I also thought David Arquette got a bum-rap in wrestling history so I wanted to change that.

What is your favourite PPV and why?
SummerSlam 2002 - It just had gem after gem. Angle/Rey, Benoit/RVD, Edge/Eddie, HBK/Triple H, Brock/Rock. Incredible. Everyone was on top form for that PPV.

How long do you tape for one episode? Are you all sitting in one room?
Recording sessions vary, but usually around 3½ hours, at my sitting room table. OOC has a smoke-break halfway through. We go way off-topic (the three of us generally only meet up for the show), so episodes end up being the guts of 2 hours.

Did you ever had problems with WWE for using their material?
Ha ha ha! Yes. The worst being blocking our YouTubevids right before the WWE Network launch. I guess WWE weren't happy taking 100% of the revenue! Since then they've calmed down, allowing our eps back up with only a few edits.

Are you familiar with German wrestling?
I know the NWA had a German branch and some Irish w restlers tour there, but beyond that it'd just be German wrestlers who went to America (Alex Wright, Brakkus and Herman the German!) ...Alpha Female just debut ed in TNA aswell.

ECW One night Stand 2005 is your current episode, what are your future plans?
We'll finish our ECW saga (covering One Night Stand 2006, December to Dismember, and we'll chat about ECW on Sci-Fi as well). Beyond that, we've no plans. The best part of not being tied to an era is that we can cover anything! We'll see what our fans want and what'd be fun to do.

Where can members of find you?
Thanks for asking! We're on YouTube, and our main site with daily awesomenessand news of upcoming episodes is our facebook page, Oh and if you come across Virgil, don't let him scam you out of a tenner! Prost!

Interview: Captain Elbow für

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