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    I don't fully buy into that logic. To me, there are clearly things that can happen outside of wrestling that make it impossible for a person to be in a Hall of Fame. Somebody here already mentioned the extreme (hypothetical) example of Benoit. Assuming he would have been in the HoF when the murders happened, do you really think the WWE should have followed your logic and should have said "His brutal killings have nothing to do with his accomplishments in wrestling - he remains in the Hall of Fame"?

    Sigi is obviously not murderer, but if you agree to the example from above, then you have already agreed that kicking somebody out of the Hall of Fame due to things that happened outside of wrestling can be justified. In this case, we would just be haggling about where to draw the line.

    Whether or not the removal from the HoF it is justified in this particular case is another question. One that I cannot answer with the information that I have at hand.

    What Sigi did or didnt do can not be related to what Benoit has been accused of (otherwise it would have been on the News already, at least nationally). When you go into the Benoit case you will see that there are MANY loose ends, why I state "has been accused of" instead of "has done".
    But even if he has done these things, these acts, how horrible that are, are not related to his wrestling skills and/or his place in wrestling history.

    So yes, Benoit, in MY opinion, does belong in a WRESTLING hall of fame.

    Mind you, it's a wrestling HOF, not a HOF of good behavior, being nice to other people, etc etc.

    The current wXw has always been awful at communication/ PR. Remember the Shane Strickland situation? Remember the Bad Bones situation? And now this.

    It also shows what a joke the Hall Of Fame really is. Whatever Sigi has or has not done, his place in the HOF is related to what he has done for Euro wrestling. And THAT remains unchanged.

    THAT is what a HOF should be about. Not about what happens to the person outside the wrestling world.

    In MY opinion, one of the worst wXw shows I have ever seen. No match triggered my interest, even the normally great Absolute Andy was underwhelming as too much comedy ruined a potential good match.

    All matches I would consider opening match/ pre show level at best. Even the cage matches, which besides the cage did not offer anything interesting.
    P.s. If something gets promoted as a barbed wire match, the expectation is that the barbed wire actually is a big part of the match, not just "there" as a visual not to be touched.

    In MY opinion, wXw really abuses the fact that it is a "touring" company nowadays, abusing the "even though the card sucks I will still attend the show because wXw only comes to city X once every so many months" factor amongst fans.

    I'm sure this formula works though and that the business entity wXw is doing better than ever before. However diehard wXw fans like myself are constantly wondering what happened to the once exciting and innovative wXw.


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    Ich weiß halt nicht, ob die random Briten früher wirklich soviel geiler und interessanter waren (jetzt mal von Zack abgesehen und selbst der kam früher gemischt an). Ich mein, klar, die waren ein Plus für die Shows, eben weil der Rest deutlich schlechter als heute war.

    In my opinion, the shows which had Steve Douglas and Ares just for them were already better than the complete roster of a show "heute"....

    Agreed. That makes it even more insane that Bad Bones is not back @ wXw yet.


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    Ich denke auch das Jakobi der wXw einfach fehlt. Meiner Meinung nach entwickelt sich die Liga seit Jakobis Abgang nicht mehr weiter bzw geht es eher rückwärts. Kein Shotgun mehr, weniger Houseshows und nun das SOW Fiasko.

    Exactly. wXw shop looks shameful, no more fan interaction re, etc etc etc

    wXw now seems to take its audience for granted and when something is being taken for granted, certain liberties seem to be allowed by wXw for wXw, even though it will alienate the core wXw audience/ fans.

    Maybe in a few years 16 Carat will only contain wXw regulars (lol) and SOW will also only contain wXw regulars (lol). Lots of lol, but in reality it's a sad, sad trend we're seeing and experiencing right now....

    Am I the only one who notices the downward slide wXw is making since Jakobi left/ is not active?

    Even THAT event is questionable to say the least, as to me it's still unclear that the current status of his role is.

    SOW used to be special and so far the 2019 version is anything but special. 1st time ever I didn't buy a ticket for SOW yet (normally I buy it as soon as it goes on sale, even without any names being announced yet).