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    Durch regelmäßige Turniersiege auf Challenger Level bei höher dotierten Events ;)

    Da kannst Du Dich sogar unter die Top 100 spielen!

    Allerdings ist die Aussage nicht ganz richtig das er noch nie auf ATP Level gewonnen hat, Tim gewann auch schon heuer ein Match auf der ATP Tour in Rotterdam.

    Okay. Ging aus den Berichten nicht hervor, die ich dazu gehört und gelesen habe.

    Oder war das in Rotterdam eventuell "nur" ein Match in der Quali und nicht im Hauptfeld?

    Musstet Du da auch direkt an Roberto Carretero zurückdenken? :thumbup:

    Das war ein ähnliches Märchen...

    Ja. Schon gestern Abend, als ich von seinem Sieg im Halbfinale gelesen hatte. Das war damals in Hamburg auch eine absolute Sensation.

    wie kann man denn auf platz 205 der weltrangliste sein und noch nie ein atp match gewonnen haben?

    Punkte auf der Challenger Tour gesammelt.

    Das ist schlichtweg eine Sensation. Er hatte vor dem Turnier noch nie ein Match auf der ATP Tour gewonnen und macht in der Weltrangliste jetzt 99 Plätze gut - von 205 auf 106.

    – PWinsider reports that this past weekend’s Impact Wrestling tapings in Florida were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, causing several issues. Various wrestler and staff members missed the tapings due to medical protocols, either due to testing positive or coming into contact with someone who had.

    A source stated the issues were the “worst they had seen” in some time. Due to this, there were several changes and rewrites over the last week.

    Quelle: 411mania

    * Jack Tolos defeated VSK

    Filmed for BTI:

    * Lady Frost defeated Aishia Edwards. After the match, Giselle Shaw debuted. She came to the ring and circled Frost.

    * Black Taurus defeated Raj Singh

    Impact Wrestling on AXS TV:

    * The IInspiration defeated Kaleb and Madison Rayne in a non-title match.

    * Josh Alexander cut a promo saying he will be invoking his rematch clause against the winner of Moose vs. W. Morrissey match. Alexander went on to issue an open challenge, which brought out Big Kon. Alexander immediately got Kon into an ankle lock and Kon tapped. Security had to pull Alexander off Kon. Scott D’Amore eventually came down and got pushed by Alexander. D’Amore asked him what he wants, and Alexander said he wants the Impact Title around his waist and to be the face of the company, and added that if he doesn’t get his title shot, he will be the hottest free agent in wrestling. D’Amore responded by pulling Alexander from his No Surrender match and sending him home.

    * Bullet Club cuts a promo during which Violent By Design comes out, setting up a six-man tag match. Good Brothers also came out and said they are owed a thank you and what Bullet Club has is thanks to them.

    * Guerrillas of Destiny vs. Good Brothers for the Impact World Tag Team Championships is announced for No Surrender.

    * Cary Silkin was introduced to the crowd.

    * Matt Taven & Mike Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis Bennett, PCO, Vincent and Kenny King defeated Rhino & Rich Swann w/ Chris Sabin, Eddie Edwards. A brawl broke out during the match that led to everyone other than Maria being removed from ringside.

    * W. Morrissey defeated Brian Myers with Zicky Dice & VSK in a Street Fight. After the match, Moose attacked Morrissey and hit him with a chair and the ring post.

    * Jonah defeated Crazzy Steve

    * Masha Slamovich defeated Kira Dream

    * Ace Austin w/ Madman Fulton defeated Laredo Kid and Blake Christian in a Triple Threat Match

    * Giselle Shaw defeated Lady Frost

    * Chris Sabin w/ Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann & Rhino defeated Kenny King w/ Honor No More. After the match, Maria reminded them that at No Surrender, they’re a unit, and asked if Impact could say the same.

    * Savannah Evans & Tasha Steelz defeated Mickie James & Chelsea Green

    * Bullet Club (Tama Tonga, Tonga Loa and Jay White) defeated Violent By Design (Joe Doering, Deaner & Eric Young). After the match, the Good Brothers came out and, along with Joe Doering, confronted the Bullet Club, leading to a brawl.

    Quelle: 411mania

    *Tom Hannifan & Matthew Rehwoldt are at commentary as we are welcomed into the arena.

    *Iceman (from BTI Iceman Intel)is acting host for the live event.

    *They did some pre-tapes behind the commentators and some sound bites for the shows.

    Filmed for BTI:

    *Eddie Edwards defeated Big Kon (formerly Konnor from the Ascension) following two Boston Knee Parties

    *Laredo Kid defeated Blake Christian.

    Impact Wrestling on AXS Show One

    *Jake Something defeated Chris Bey. Post match, The Guerrillas of Destiny ran down to attack Something. Mike Bailey made the save as Jay White came out and it became a 4 on 2. The Bullet Club stood tall over Something.

    *There was a commotion in the crowd and it was Honor No More, who made their way to ringside from the crowd. Immediately, Chris Sabin, Rhino, Rich Swann and Josh Alexander hit the ring to block them from getting them inside the ring Scott D’Amore came out as the rogue former ROH Wrestlers tried to entice Impact’s wrestlers into a fight. D’Amore and Maria Kanellis got into on the mic and said they would all fight at No Surrender in February but Chris Sabin didn’t want to wait until February. So, tonight it’s PCO vs Chris Sabin. Scott D’Amore said these 5 do not represent ROH, do not work there.. men like Cary Silkin and Jonathan Gresham represent ROH. During D’Amore making the No Surrender match, he said if Honor No More were to win, they could remain in Impact Wrestling

    *Gail Kim comes out, followed by all the Knockouts. She introduced Mickie James. James said in just two days she will continue to make HerStory and go on to not only represent another company as champion but win the Royal Rumble and go title for a title at Wrestlemania. Mickie tried to complement Deonna Purrazzo, which Deonna took offense to and left the ringside area. Chelsea Green entered the ring and told Mickie she will go on to do all she said because she’s Mickie Freaking James. Tasha Steelz reminded how she had beaten her twice. Steelz and Savannah Evans then got into a fight with James and Green standing tall.

    *Brian Myers came out with the entire Learning Tree of Zicky Dice, VSK and several esteemed members of the Florida indy scene. Myers went on commentary as they all were to take on W. Morrissey. Morrisey won. Post-Match Myers confronts Morrissey and Moose attacks him from behind.

    *Jonah defeated Johnny Swinger.

    *PCO vs. Chris Sabin. Taven, Bennett, Vincent & Maria accompanied PCO as Edwards, Alexander, Rhino & Swann did Sabin. Mid-match, the Impact crew were ejected for interfering much to the chagrin of the former ROH 5. PCO defeats Sabin. Post match, the Impact wrestlers return and tried to attack.. once again Eddie Edwards was last out and never made contact wth any of Honor No More.

    Impact Wrestling Show Two:

    Digital Media Championship Matt Cardona vs. Jordynne Grace – Throughout the entire matc, Cardona was reluctant to follow up on his moves against Grace. Finally something snapped in him and he hit the Reboot on Grace, who kicked out. Cardona goes to try get the championship belt to use but the referee took it away from him. With the referee’s back turned, Cardona leveled Grace with a chair and hit a Radio Silence on her for the win. He celebrated on the ramp doing the “Boyhood Dream” pose and then flipped off the crowd.

    *Bobby Cruise, ring announcing, introduced ROH Ambassador Cary Silkin to the crowd and Ian Riccaboni on commentary.

    *ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham defeated Steve Maclin by DQ after Maclin refused to break a hold in the ropes. This was non-title and not under Pure Rules. Post match, Honor No More came out and Gresham backed off. Taven grabbed Riccaboni but Josh Alexander came out….

    *Josh Alexander defeated Vincent with Honor No More at Ringside, During the match, the Impact crew again came out to try to even the odds but Honor No More kept them down. Post matchm Kenny King comes in from the crowd and helps and joins Honor No More. Taven on the ramp warned there are more and they didn’t come alone.

    *John Skyler vs. Bhupinder Gujjar. Gujjar wins with a spear from the second rope.

    *Masha Slamavich defeared Casey Lennox.

    *Deonna Purrazzo defeated Santana Garrett. Post Match, as Purrazzo was celebrating, Honor No More made their way through the crowd but did not come near the ring.

    Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans came out to do commentary.

    *Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Mickie James fought Chelsea Green to a no contest. As Green went for a move from the top rope, Tasha and Savannah threw a trash can and garbage at her. There was a fight. Evans and Steelz retreat. James and Green leave together

    Impact 1/27:

    *Bullet Club (Jay White & GOD & Chris Bey) vs. Ace Austin & Madman Fulton & Jake Something & Speedball Mike Bailey. Bullet Club gets the win Violent by Design & the Good Brothers came down to confront them

    Quelle: 411mania

    A new report has some details on injuries that talent are dealing with after Impact Hard to Kill over the weekend. PWInsider reports that Moose and Deonna Purrazzo are both “banged up” following their matches at the show, but have not missed any scheduled ring time.

    According to the report, Moose has a large knot on his hip from the bump off through the table during his World Championship defense against W. Morrissey and Matt Cardona. Meanwhile, Purrazzo did not have a concussion and did not need stitches following her match with Mickie James. Both of the two went to Florida right after the PPV to do promotional work for Impatc.

    In addition, Trey Miguel and Rosemary are set to miss this weekend’s Wrestling Revolver event. Miguel broke his front tooth during his match and is undergoing dental surgery tomorrow. As for Rosemary, it is not confirmed but the word is that she may have hurt her shoulder or arm.

    Quelle: 411mania

    * In a match taped for BTI, Black Taurus defeated Matthew Rehwoldt.

    * In a match taped for BTI, Jordynne Grace defeated Lady Frost to retain the Digital Media Championship. Matt Cardona came out after to confront Grace, pointing to the title.

    * Scott D'Amore announced they would be back in Dallas, Texas for WrestleCon on April 1.

    * W. Morrissey is out and cuts a promo on Moose. He wants a rematch for the title. Moose appears on the screen and denies Morrissey, saying he is giving someone else a title match.

    * The ROH rogue group came out and jumped D'Lo at the announce table. They ended up putting him through a table, taking him out of commission for the remainder of the taping.

    * Laredo Kid defeated Chris Bey. X Division Champion, Trey Miguel was on commentary.

    * Mike Bailey defeated Jake Something. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton were on commentary.

    * Masha Slamovich squashed some indie talent.

    * Josh Alexander is out for a promo. He wants his title shot and said no more distractions. Charlie Haas interrupted and challenged Josh. Josh wanted the title first which led to Haas attacking him. They brawled until security broke things up. Josh accepted the challenge.

    * Moose squashed Zickey Dice to retain the Impact World Title. After the match, W. Morrissey came out and ran off Moose. He attacked Zicky and VSK while Brian Myers watched and didn't help.

    * Raj Singh came out and said he wanted competition. JONAH accepted and smashed Raj in a short match. Scott D'Amore was on commentary.

    * Deonna Purrazzo defeated Rok-C to win the ROH Women's Championship. Ian Riccaboni and Matthew Rehwoldt were on commentary. The ROH Rogue Group confronted Deonna after the match. They surrounded her which led to Rehwoldt and later Swann and Willie Mack unsuccessfully coming to the rescue. They posed afterwards.

    * The Influence defeated Havok in a handicap match. It was originally supposed to be a tag team match but the Influence attacked Rosemary at the start. The Influence took a selfie with an unconscious Havok after the match.

    * Tasha Steelz defeated Chelsea Green. Mickie James was on commentary. Tasha talked shit to Mickie after the match which led to them fighting. Mickie was overpowered by Tasha and Savannah Evans before Chelsea made the save.

    * W. Morrissey defeated Zickey Dice and VSK in a handicap match while Brian Myers watched on from commentary. Morrissey cut a promo after the match saying if he doesn't get a title shot, he will go to the back and find Moose.

    * Jonathan Gresham defeated Steve Maclin to retain the ROH World Championship. The ROH Rogue Group watched on from the balcony.

    * Doc Gallows and Joe Doering defeated Heath and Rhino after interference from Deaner. Karl Anderson was on commentary while Eric Young was also ringside.

    * Josh Alexander defeated Charlie Haas. Chris Sabin was on commentary. After the match, the ROH Rogue group jumped them. They also fended off Sabin, Swann, Mack, Heath and Rhino before Eddie Edwards comes out with the kendo stick and runs them off. Maria cut a promo from the balcony saying there was honor no more. Eddie cut his own promo from the ring saying we are Impact and we won't be disrespected.

    Quelle. impactasylum

    Bin sehr gespannt, wie man die vermeintliche ROH-Invasion fortsetzt.

    Im letztjährigen Logo von Rebellion war bekanntlich das Omega-Zeichen zu sehen - nun steht dort ein "?".

    ROH will im April zurückkommen, Rebellion ist am 23.04.

    Da braut sich anscheinend etwas größeres zusammen.

    1. Josh Alexander vs. JONAH
    2. Jonathan Gresham vs. Chris Sabin
    3. Trey Miguel vs. Steve Maclin

    4. Mike Bailey vs. Ace Austin vs. Chris Bey vs. Laredo Kid

    5. Moose vs. Matt Cardona vs. W. Morrissey

    6. Hardcore War

    7. Mickie James vs. Deonna Purrazzo

    8. Ultimate X

    9. Madman Fulton vs. Jake Something