15 Jahre danach: Mick Foley, JR, Ref Tim White u.a. über Mankinds Sturz von der Zelle

  • WWE.com hat einen Artikel über den wohl heftigsten Bump der WWE-Geschichte online. Vor 15 Jahren stürzte Mick Foley bei seinem Match gegen Undertaker vom Dach der "Cell" - Foley, JR, der damalige Commissioner Sgt Slaughter und Referee Tim White erinnern sich: Was dachten sie, was wussten sie im Vorfeld:

    To Hell and back: Inside Foleys famous fall 15 years later



    WWECLASSICS.COM: J.R., when you made that famous call about Mick being “broken in half,” what was going through the mind of Jim Ross the man and not J.R. the commentator – or is there no separation between the two?

    ROSS: Absolutely no separation. I said exactly what I felt. I just couldn’t fathom that a human being could survive that ordeal without being permanently damaged and in need of immediate medical help. It didn’t seem that was possible. What you heard was not a predetermined, scripted line. No one told me before the show, “Oh, by the way, Mick is going to be tossed off the top of the cell through the Spanish announce table.” What fans heard in that call is exactly what I was feeling. It was just J.R. being J.R.


    WWECLASSICS.COM: Sarge, what was going through your mind when Mankind was thrown off the cell?

    SLAUGHTER: My hands went up in the air and I said, “Oh my God.” I heard this thunderous crush. It was hard to explain the noise. It was kind of quiet at first. Terry Funk came down and started taking away some of the announce table off of Foley. Then I saw a few referees and Mr. McMahon came down and I thought, “This is not good.” It looked as if he had separated his left shoulder. So I said, “We’ll raise the cage so that we can get some of the medical stuff out there,” and I completely forgot Undertaker was still on top of the cage.


    WWECLASSICS.COM: Tim, what did you do when Mick fell through the roof of the cell?

    WHITE: When The Undertaker got back into the ring, he looked very, very concerned and he said, "Go see if he’s breathing."


    WWECLASSICS.COM: What were some of the conversations you had after the match backstage?

    FOLEY: Following the match, Mr. McMahon came up to me and said, “You have no idea how much I appreciate what you’ve just done for this company, but I never want to see anything like that again.” Referee Mike Chioda told me that a stretcher was coming to get me after the match. I asked him if I had already been on a stretcher that night. When he said, “Yes,” I told him that I couldn’t be on two stretchers in one evening. I don’t know where I got that edict from. I don’t remember my dad sitting me down telling me, “Only one stretcher a night for a Foley.” I also asked if I had used thumbtacks in my match and someone pointed out that I had about 100 of them stuck in my shoulder.

    Interessanterweise nennt Foley dieses Match einen großen Wendepunkt in seiner Karriere und einen der Gründe, warum Foley danach mehr zu einem "Fun"-Character wurde:


    WWECLASSICS.COM: What did your wife and kids think of the match when it happened?

    FOLEY: They were very shaken up. My wife is very angry with me for taking those kinds of chances. I remember specifically going around town when we lived in the Florida Panhandle and looking for cheaper houses. That’s when I think I first accepted my own mortality in the wrestling world. Oddly – and maybe ironically – it became a turning point that I realized I should start connecting with the WWE Universe on a different level. I made a conscious decision to make my character more lighthearted, which turned out to be the best thing I could have done.


    WWECLASSICS.COM: And what do you feel needs to be said to the people who ask you those questions?

    FOLEY: In summation, for anybody who’s been wondering for the past 15 years, yes, it did hurt when The Undertaker threw me off the cell.

    Exzellenter Report - sehr, sehr lesenswert.

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