[NB] House of Hardcore #2 Results vom 22.06.2013

  • House of Hardcore #2 Results vom 22.06.2013

    HOH "House of Hardcore #2"
    22.Juni 2013
    Philadelphia, PA

    Crowbar besiegt Hale Collins via Submission

    Vik Dalishus besiegt Little Guido

    MVP besiegt Sami Callihan via Shining Wizard

    Carlito besiegt Mike Bennett

    Three Way!
    Petey Williams besiegt Alex Reynolds und Tony Nese via Canadian Destroyer

    Steiner Brothers besiegen Eddie Kingston & Homicide via Steinerizer

    John Morrison (c) besiegt Too Cold Scorpio

    The Young Bucks besiegen Paul London & Brian Kendrick

    Tommy Dreamer besiegt Lance Storm via DDT

    -> Terry Funk und Sean Waltman waren in das Match involviert.

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  • Mit gefallen die Matchpaarungen wie schon bei House of Hardcore 1. :thumbsup:

    WWE Monday Night RAW - 11 Oktober 2004 Manchester,England. Ich war dabei! /
    WWE Monday Night RAW - 24 April 2006 London, England. Ich war dabei! / WWE Sunday Night HEAT - 30. April 2006. London, England. Ich war dabei!
    WWE Friday Night Smackdown - 28 April 2006 London, England. Ich war dabei! / WWE Velocity - 29. April 2006 London, England. Ich war dabei!
    Long Live Owen Hart

  • COMPLETE HOUSE OF HARDCORE 2 COVERAGE (By Mike Johnson) +Bearbeitet+

    Before the official show began they had several student matches. Danny Doring worked one of the matches before taking his position as a commentator for the DVD release.
    Spike Dudley, as a surprise, also hit the ring during another match to deliver an Acid Drop...
    Among those visiting are JJ Dillon, Fifi, Barbed Wire City director John Philapavage, The Blue Meanie, Strictly ECW's Tony Lewis, and Marc Summers.

    Crowbar vs. Hale Collins

    They went back and forth early. Collins worked over Crowbar's arm and drilled him with an enziguiri for a two count. Collins drilled him with an elbow for another two count.

    Crowbar fired back with a series of rights and nailed several suplexes to score a two count. Crowbar came back with several shots and a legdrop for a two count.

    Collins snapped Crowbar's neck over the ropes. Crowbar made a comeback and nailed a rana off the ropes. Crowbar nailed a kick. He went to the turnbuckles to drill Collins with punches but was caught with a powerbomb off the ropes for another two count.

    Collins came off the top with an elbow but Crowbar got out of the way. He covered Collins for a two count. He then nailed a sitdown slam for a two count. Crowbar locked in a Dragon Sleeper and forced a submission.

    Your winner, Crowbar.

    Crowbar took the mic and said he had every intentions of this being his last match, but once again "you crazy sons of b**ches" encourage me to keep going. He got a massive pop and the fans chanted "Thank you Crowbar."

    Vik Dalishus (with Larry Dallas) vs. Little Guido

    They did some good nice back and forth wrestling. Guido drilled him with several kicks and a side Russian Legsweep. Guido came off the ropes with the Sicilian Slice for another two count.

    Collins nailed a sideslam and went to the top for a twisting moonsault. Guido moved out of the way and went for a Tomakaze but Dalishus reversed it and scored the pin.

    Your winner, Vik Dalishus!

    Dalishus took the mic and said he was tired of all the old ECW has-beens taking spots on the show from people who deserve it. Guido did that and he kicked Guido's ass.
    He said there's not one single person here that was better than him at anything.

    Out came the Blue Meanie. He got in the ring but instead of dancing, they did the Harlem Shuffle. Vik attacked him but Meanie nailed a clothesline and a big splash in the corner. He and Guido teamed up on him, then pointed to the curtain.

    "Enter Sandman" played and you know what happened next. He came out and asked the crowd if they wanted to see him cane Larry Dallas.
    Dallas put his valet in front of him. Sandman grabbed her and they began dancing as the Fandango theme played. Sandman and everyone else did the Fandango.

    Sandman grabbed her and she was wearing a wig. Sandman then turned and caned Dallas and beat the hell out of him with the cane.

    MVP vs. Sami Callihan

    They went nose to nose. MVP nailed Callihan hard. He snapmared him over and drilled him in the back with a kick, then nailed with with a knee of the face.
    Callihan ducked a charge and drilled MVP with a kick, sending him to the floor. Callihan nailed a dive to the floor.

    On the floor, Callihan whipped MVP into the guard rail and drilled him with a kick. They brawled around on the floor. The battled all over and then back into the ring. The crowd chanted back and forth for each of them.

    Sami took control and tried to lock on an Indian Death Lock. He trapped MVP in the center of the ring. Callihan maintained control and nailed a superplex for a two count.
    He went back to the top for a flying slash but MVP rolled out of the way. MVP nailed a series of right hands. MVP nailed a big clothesline in the corner.
    He nailed an overhead throw suplex and a palm thrust. He went for a move but Callihan moved. MVP leapfrogged him and nailed a series of German suplexes.

    MVP dropped an elbow and scored a two count. He continued working on Callihan.
    Callihan came back with a sunset flip attempt off the top. MVP held on but was driven into the turnbuckles face-first. The crowd chanted back and forth for each.

    Callihan drilled him with a clothesline but MVP came back with a big boot to the face. He and Callihan went nose to nose and began chopping each other.
    Callihan drilled him with a clubbing shot to the back. He went for the Stretch Muffler and locked it on. MVP rolled him up for a two count.

    MVP nailed the Playmaker but Callihan kicked up at the last second. The crowd chanted for Sami. MVP made a comeback and nailed a leaping forearm into the corner for a two count. MVP finally scored the pin.

    Your winner, MVP! Really hard hitting match.

    Carlito (with Rosita) vs. Mike Bennett (with Maria Kanellis)

    They locked up but Bennett stopped to make out with Kanellis. The crowd chanted "Sloppy seconds." Bennett slammed Carlito and was really proud of himself.
    He began making out with Maria again. Carlito made a comeback and worked over Bennett.

    Bennett cut him off and worked over Carlito in the corner. Carlito came back with a springboard elbow. Maria got in the ring and slapped Carlito.
    Rosita got into the ring and went at it with Maria. Bennett grabbed her. Carlito tried to spit apple on him, but he ducked and it went all over Maria.

    Bennett went for a move off a Fireman's Carry but Carlito turned it into a backcracker. Rosita nailed Bennett with a moonsault. Carlito covered her and she covered Bennett for the pin.

    Your winner, Carlito!

    Decent match. Some fun comedy. Solid show thus far.

    Petey Williams vs. Tony Nese vs. Alex Reynolds

    Reynolds tossed Nese to the floor. He and Williams went back and forth. Williams nailed a rana off the ropes. He nailed adrop toehold on Reynolds.
    He rebounded off the ropes but Nese pulled him out of the ring and nailed him.

    Nese and Reynolds went back and forth with some great offensive maneuvers. Reynolds was sent to the floor.
    He went for a dive but Williams grabbed him, Nese took out Williams with a kick. He then returned and nailed a big dive that the crowd exploded for.

    Nese and Reynolds went back and forth in the ring, Reynolds took control and began working over Nese. He nailed a backbreaker and a dropkick to the back.
    Williams returned and they all battled back and forth. Williams slammed Nese and clotheslined Reynolds in the corner.

    He bulldogged Reynolds and called for the Canadian Destroyer. Nese tried to clothesline him but Williams ducked and sent Reynolds into Nese. He caught Reynolds with a Side Russian Legsweep for a two count.

    Williams leapt out of the ring and nailed a rana on Nese on the floor. Williams charged Reynolds but was stomped down hard.
    Reynolds nailed a moonsault but was grabbed and German suplexed over by Nese for a two count.

    Nese nailed a pumphandle into a sitdown powerbomb for a two count. Nese rolled up Williams. He lifted him up and powerbombed him.
    Reynolds speared him for a two. Williams went for the Canadian Destroyer. Nese broke it up. Williams finally nailed the Destroyer for the pin.

    Your winner, Petey Williams!

    Best thing on the show by far so far. They really worked their asses off. Great stuff.

    Steiners vs. Homicide & Eddie Kingston

    Scott and Kingston started out. Steiner worked Kingston over with big shots to the chest and clotheslines. The Steiners cleaned house. Rick tagged in and was worked over by Kingston.

    He caught Kingston with a suplex. Kingston and Homicide worked over Rick. Steiner made a comeback and all four brawled in the ring. The Steiner nailed the bulldog on Kingston and scored the pin.

    Your winners, The Steiners!

    FWE champion John Morrison vs. Too Cold Scorpio

    They did a lot of back and forth arguing and grandstanding early, then had a dance off.
    Scorpio worked over Morrison who came back with a back suplex for a two count. Morrison nailed a series of kicks and locked on a side chinlock.

    They battled to the outside. As they returned, Scorpio stomped Morrison. He slammed him down. They went back and forth.
    Morrison drilled him with a kick. He nailed a standing moonsault for a two count. He went for a split legged moonsault but Scorpio rolled out of the ring.
    Morrison followed but was nailed by Scorpio. Scorpio returned to the ring and nailed a slingshot plancha. Back in the ring, Scorpio slammed him for a two count.

    Morrison made a comeback and drilled him with a series of punches in the corner. He whipped Scorpio into the corner but Scorpio reversed it and nailed a windmill kick. Scorpio nailed a standing moonsault for a two count.

    Scorpio nailed a flip legdrop off the ropes. He nailed another. Morrison tried to nail a right hand but it was blocked and Scorpio drilled him. Morrison nailed a leg lariat for a two count.
    They battled back and forth with punches. Scorpio caught him with a kick off the ropes.

    Scorpio drilled Morrison across the back. Scorpio fought back but was caught with a superkick for a two count.

    The crowd, restless, began chanting for lots of things that had nothing to do with the match, including Fandango, RVD and El Generico.

    Morrison continued beating down Scorpio. Scorpio nailed a leaping kick in the corner. He called for the Tumbleweed but Morrison nailed a leaping kick in the back.
    Morrison nailed a reverse superplex into the ring.

    The crowd chanted "We want Ziggler." Morrison finally nailed his twisting dive off the ropes for the pin.

    Your winner and still FWE champ John Morrison!

    They shook hands. Scorpio praised Morrison and said it's been a long time since he wrestled anyone with the talent that Morrison has and issued a rematch challenge. Morrison said that anytime he would love to do it.

    The match was OK. They never really seemed to get out of the first gear and the audience recognized it. By the time they were going for their finishes, the crowd didn't really get into it,

    Young Bucks vs. Paul London and Brian Kendrick

    Kendrick and Matt Jackson went back and forth with some great stuff early. London came off the top with an axehandle.
    London and Nick Jackson, who tagged in, faced off and went back and forth, ending with London nailing a kick.

    London and Kendrick nailed a series of double hip tosses on the Buck. Matt tried to climb to the top but was crotched.
    London controlled Nick on the mat and nailed an inverted atomic drop, followed by a rana. Matt Jackson tried to interfere but London tossed him over the top.

    London and Kendrick went for stereo drives but were thwarted. The Bucks nailed dives and began working over London, tagging in and out. They scored several two counts on London.
    He finally made the hot tag to Kendrick, who was backdropped over the top to the floor. The Bucks doubleteamed London, trapping him for a dropkick to the face.

    The Bucks went to the floor to work over their opponents. They concentrated on Kendrick as they returned to the ring. They beat Kendrick in their corner.
    London got angry and tried to intervene but was held back by the referee.

    They continued working over Kendrick as the crowd rallied him. Kendrick nailed an atomic drop on Nick Jackson but Matt nailed London off the apron before he could get a tag.
    They kept working over Kendrick. Kendrick fired back but was beaten down with a series of punches.

    Kendrick ducked a charge and tricked the Bucks into nailing each other. London tagged in and hit a flying bodypress on both. He nailed some offense until Nick caught him with a back elbow.
    London ducked a charge and backdropped him onto the apron. He avoided Matt's charge and then kicked them into each other.
    He nailed a dropsault on Nick, landing on Matt for a two count. They went into a series of superkicks, leading to Kendrick going for Sliced Bread #2 on Matt, but he was drilled by Nick with a kick as he charged into the corner. The crowd chanted, "This is awesome".

    The Bucks did their powerbomb into the corner. They did a crazy spot where London flipped over the ropes, sending one Buck into the other's nether-regions.
    The Bucks killed Kendrick with a double superkick. London hit the ring but was caught.
    They nailed a springboard spike piledriver but Kendrick broke it up.

    The Bucks drilled Kendrick with the double superkick again. They nailed their series of hot move for the pin.

    Your winners, The Young Bucks!

    A hell of a series of insane spots. The crowd loved the hell out of this and as you might guess.
    Kendrick and London tried to show respect to the Bucks, but were blown off after the match.

    Tommy Dreamer (with Terry Funk) vs. Lance Storm

    They went back and forth with some good wrestling early. Dreamer took Storm to the outside and slammed him into the guard rail, then hit him with a soda.
    Dreamer whipped Storm into the railing. He went to the back to grab the ring bell. Dreamer rang his groin.

    When they returned to the ring, Storm took control with a series of chops in the corner. Dreamer fired back.
    Dreamer charged him in the corner but missed and struck the ringpost with his shoulder. Storm nailed him with a springboard clothesline into the ring for a two count.

    Dreamer came back with a sunset flip for a two count. Storm came back with a leg lariat. He controlled Dreamer and held him for a delayed vertical suplex for a two count.

    Storm worked over Dreamer. He snapmared Dreamer and kicked him down.
    He charged but Dreamer mounted a comeback with a series of rights and a Dusty style elbow. He kicked off a Storm charge and sent him into the buckles.

    Funk tossed Dreamer a chair. He went to use it on Storm but was drop toehold'd into it. Storm covered Dreamer for a two count.
    Storm went to the top but Dreamer crotched him and tied Storm to the tree of woe. Dreamer set a chair in front of Storm's face.
    He went to do the charge but the fans yelled ECW. He stopped, pointed at his HOH shirt and did it again. The crowd chanted HOH and Dreamer nailed the dropkick.

    Dreamer went for a frog splash but Storm rolled out of the way. Storm nailed a piledriver on Dreamer. Storm locked on the Canadian Maple Leaf. Dreamer made it to the ropes and went to the outside.
    Storm, followed and crotched Dreamer on the railing. Storm drilled Dreamer with several chair shots. Terry Funk grabbed the chair and threw it at Storm.
    The crowd chanted for Funk. Storm challenged Funk, who got into the ring. Funk peppered him with punches and went for the spinning toe hold.

    Sean Waltman, hit the ring and attacked Funk. He began stomping and kicking the hell out of Funk. Storm pulled a ladder into the ring.
    They teased whipping Funk into it but Dreamer made the save. He catapulted Storm into the ladder. He and Funk DDT'd Storm at the same time and scored the pin.

    Your winner, Tommy Dreamer!

    Fun main event. NO ONE predicted X-Pac running in. It was great to see Funk throwing his punches and raising some hell.
    Everytone worked hard. A nice way to send people home.

    Dreamer and Funk did crotch chops after the match to mock Waltman.

    The crowd chanted "Thank you Tommy." Dreamer took the mic. He said "Thank you."
    He said the fans made his career in Philly and he thanked everyone who support all the man and women that do what they do.

    [/B]He said that they made some money tonight so there will be a HOH 3.[/B]

    He pointed out that Terry Funk has two new knees and will be 69 tomorrow and wanted to come for everyone.
    He said that Waltman drove here from Boston to be here as a surprise. He thanked everyone for coming and asked them to drive home safe.

    Storm shook Funk's hand and kneeled before him. He said that he doesn't take a lot of bookings and when he does, it's for fans like the fans here and to work with professionals like the ones he's in the ring with now.
    He noted that this was the first time he was in the ring with Waltman.

    Waltman said that his torn anus has healed and he will be back in the ring soon.
    He said Funk and Dreamer were some tough sons of bitches and told the crowd he had two words for them - Suck it.
    He said it was an honor to be out here with Terry Funk and asked the crowd to give him a round of applause, because he's the man.

    The crowd chanted, "Thank you Terry."

    That's it from HOH 2!

    Quelle: http://www.pwinsider.com

  • Zitat

    Original geschrieben von Edgecutions:

    Das Video hatte ich heute morgen gesucht, Danke!

    So leer sieht es jetzt aber nicht aus, im Vergleich zu anderen Shows, aber die 1900 Fans vom letzten mal dürften sie wohl nicht geschafft haben.

    Nach links geht es noch ein Stück weiter was auf dem Video nicht zu sehen ist. Bei ROH gestern sieht es auch nicht voller aus und die geben 700-900 Fans an.

    Es wurde sicher auch einiges an Geld gespart, da diesmal der große Entrance Bereich mit Bühne weggefallen ist.
    Außerdem wurde ja auch mit FWE zusammen gearbeitet was das Talent angeht.

    Die Einnahmen sind also da gewesen laut Tommy, der bereits HoH 3 angekündigt hat.

  • Steht Dreamers Entscheidung, keine DVDs zu produzieren, denn noch?

    Edit: Scheinbar nicht, zumindest VOD wirds geben.

    "Ich glaube, dass in der Anhäufung von Schwachsinn mehr Wahrheit liegt als in der Anhäufung von Wahrheit." - Christoph Schlingensief

  • Bin auch grad am schauen. Das ist einfach durch die Bank fürchterlich. Ex-Stars, die entweder keine Gear mehr habe (Rick Steiner) oder solche, denen sie einfach nicht mehr passt (Scorpio). Kaum Stimmung, kaum gutes Wrestling. Hab jetzt noch zwei Matches offen und das beste bisher war wohl Sami vs. MVP, die haben wenigstens gebrawlt und Chaos gemacht. Der Rest ist so müde wie ein Totentanz. Scorpio vs. Morrison ist nicht nur langweilig, sondern sogar schlecht, weil man sieht, dass beide es nicht ernst nehmen oder sich auch nur ansatzweite bemühen. Dazu gehen die dann auch noch 23:05! Absolut unnötig.

    Crossposting Galore

    Der Nostalgie-Faktor "Ex WWE Star" wird hier deutlich übertrieben. Aber von vorne. Crowbar mit seinem hässlichen Tattoo und Collins stinken beide derbe ab. Wirklich richtig schlecht (-**). Dalishus ist ein dicker handelsüblicher Indy Typ, der schlecht ist. Guido verliert - das war falsch fand ich. MVP vs. Callihan haben den ECW Memorial Brawl Part der Show, ganz ordentlich gemacht, weit davon entfernt gut oder besonders zu sein (**). Rosita besiegt Bennett nach einem Moonsault und wird dabei von Carlito "dry gehumpt". Was für ein Bockmist. Maria im übrigen DER Star der gesamten Show. Three Way ging OK. Rick Steiner ist ein Indy Geek. Getreu dem Motto "wer nix zeigt braucht auch keine Gear". Grausames langweiliges Match, Gott sei dank war es kurz. Scorpio vs. Morrison - ich könnte heulen. Beide kommen nicht in die Gänge, langweiliges Match, es passiert NICHTS! Dann turnen die Fans gegen das Match und beiden gehört hierfür die Gage gekürzt. Bucks vs. Kendrick/London übliches unsauberes Spotfest, ging OK (**1/4). Main Event zur falschen Zeit, wenig machte Sinn, Dreamer brawlt bevor Storm gegen ihn turnt. Dynamik für mich völlig für'n Arsch (**).

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