SMV Umsonst IPPV von Chikara + bonus matches

  • Um es abzukürzen SMV Hat ne Gratis IPPV am Samstag und Freitag senden die schon ne paar Bonusmatches wer also Zeit hat kann sich das dann alles auf der SMV Seite anschauen und hier nochmal die FB Originalmeldung mit den matches und so...!

    Do you like watching professional wrestling? How does watching it for FREE sound?

    Smart Mark Video is excited to announce that we’re almost ready to begin airing live internet pay-per-views on our SMV on Demand site! First though we’d like to run some vigorous testing to ensure that we work out any kinks that may arise before we ask you to dish out your hard earned money! So this coming Friday and Saturday we’re asking that you head on over to http://www.SMVod.com and check out the FREE offerings we’ve got going on, including a LIVE FREE-PER-VIEW of the Wrestling is Fun! event in Allentown, PA!

    On Friday, October 26 at 8PM Eastern Standard Time we’ll be serving up 30 minutes of never before seen CHIKARA action from the Road 2 Ruin Fest this past June! We’ll be showing:

    1) Mr. Touchdown vs. Dragonfly

    2) Chuck Taylor vs. Saturyne

    3) Fire Ant, Soldier Ant & Green Ant vs. Ophidian & Los Ice Creams

    You’ll not only get those three matches for free but you’ll be helping us work out any last minute kinks we might have before going LIVE thenext night for the FREE-PER-VIEW! It all goes down this Friday, October 26 at 8PM Eastern Standard Time on http://www.SMVod.com!

    Then on Saturday, October 27 at 7PM Eastern Standard Time we’ll be going LIVE from the Wrestling is Fun! event in Allentown, PA! Can’t make it to Allentown? No problem! Enjoy the entire event from the comfort of your home for FREE! Announced so far:

    1) Fire Ant & Green Ant vs. Obariyon & Kodama

    2) UltraMantis Black vs. STIGMA

    3) Saturyne vs. An opponent to be named

    4) Jaka vs. Gran Akuma

    5) Dasher Hatfield vs. assailANT

    6) Grizzly Redwood vs. Oleg the Usurper

    7) Mike Quackenbush vs. "Mr. Touchdown" Mark Angelosetti

    Seven big matches, all LIVE and for FREE! All you’ve got to do is point your browser to http://www.SMVod.com at 7:00PM Eastern Standard Time this Saturday, October 27 and enjoy the FREE-PER-VIEW! Free wrestling and you’ll be helping out your pals at Smart Mark Video? Sounds like a win/win to us!

    If you experience any issues during either night please let us know! Tweet us at @smartmarkvideo or email us at smartmark5@gmail.com! That’s all we ask of you for these two evenings of free pro wrestling! We want to get this whole internet pay-per-view thing right and we can’t do it without your help and patience!

    For more information on Wrestling is Fun! check out their website at http://www.wrestlingisfun.org!

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  • Zitat

    Original geschrieben von Gato Negro:
    Da SMV bereits einen funktionierenden On-Demand Service anbietet,wird das wohl nur der Livestream sein.

    Gehe ich auch von aus. Denke das es auch nicht die beste Qualität sein wird, da es die Testrunde ist.

  • Show fängt ne Stunde später an.

    Jetzt geht's los.

    UltraMantis Black besiegt STIGMA in 6:06 via school boy
    Oleg the Usurper besiegt Jervis Cottonbelly in 2:18
    Juan Francisco de Coranado besiegt Saturyne in 8:22 via Grapevine Leglock
    Gran Akuma besiegt Ophidian in 9:02 mit einem Modified Death Valley Driver
    Estonian Thunderfrog besiegt Kobald in 9:28 durch DQ nach Eingriff von Obariyon
    Jaka besiegt The Swamp Monster in 4:10 via Choke Bomb
    assailANT besiegt Dasher Hatfield in 7:51 mit einem Death Valley Driver
    Mike Quackenbush & The Colony (Fire Ant & Green Ant) besiegen Mark Angelosetti & The Batiri (Obariyon & Kodama) in 20:09 via Qackendriver III von Quack an Mr. Touchdown

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