Offiziell: Endeavor kauft WWE! Fusion mit UFC!

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  • via Fightful Select:

    WWE is selling to Endeavor, CNBC has reported. This would have WWE and UFC under the same umbrella.

    The report states that Endeavor would own 51 percent of the company, giving them a majority share, while WWE shareholders would get 49 percent as they start a new publicly traded company.

    Fightful has reached out to WWE officially, and haven't heard back, but we've spoken with tons of talent and staff. Thus far, they haven't been briefed, but many were told that the sales process was ongoing and moving along well. There was buzz this week among several in WWE that a deal was being finalized with a Non-Saudi buyer.

    WWE had told Fightful that they'd be hosting likely suitors in Los Angeles for WrestleMania, but we've learned the deal was in motion well ahead of that. It was also in motion when Vince McMahon nailed down a two-year employment contract at WWE. When Endeavor acquired UFC in 2016, they looked to retain Dana White in a head role, although he had many more years leading the charge ahead of him than Vince McMahon does. Those close to McMahon claim he was adamant to them that he was returning to oversee either a sale, rights fees negotiations, or possibly even both. WWE creative claims they have not interacted with Vince McMahon since his departure last Summer, or since he forced his way back into the company in December. However, several talent have had concerns he's getting more involved. McMahon was backstage at both Smackdown and WrestleMania this week, giving input. Those we spoke to with knowledge of the situation say that Vince McMahon would have had protections to either keep him around in some capacity, or have a healthy severance clause in the event he were quickly canned.

    Fightful spoke to employees from several potential suitors who said that Vince McMahon wanting to remain involved would be a major sticking point and hurdle for a variety of reasons. Among those included the new post-McMahon regime showing that from a creative and business standpoint, they were more than competent in leading the charge.

    As of Sunday, plans called for Vince McMahon to remain with WWE as executive chairman, Nick Khan to remain as president of the wrestling side of things, and Ari Emanuel and Mark Shapiro to get involved. Thus far, we haven't heard an update regarding the creative aspects and how Triple H would remain involved. However, we did speak with Endeavor sources who indicated a trust in what they've seen out of him, and a general respect for the work Stephanie McMahon did before leaving.

    Endeavor recently acquired Asylum Entertainment Group, a non-scripted production company. WWE has also had numerous talent-driven non-scripted shows. In addition, Endeavor owns the UFC, which has featured the likes of Brock Lesnar, Shayna Baszler, Ronda Rousey, Matt Riddle and others on the WWE roster. One source within Endeavor that we immediately spoke to believe that if an acquisition were to take place, it would provide more mainstream opportunities, and opportunities in general for WWE talent, without fear of losing them to outside projects, as Endeavor is in a healthy position to help provide those opportunities and projects.

    Another source in Endeavor was confident that a sale would lead to additional opportunities for talent, with the source pointing out that UFC fighters are allowed to have exclusive content pages such as Onlyfans and Brand Army for additional income. However, an agent that has worked with both UFC and WWE talent was quick to point out that UFC has let top fighters walk over paying them, passing on dream fights, in addition to repeatedly taking steps to eliminate outside advertisements in-cage for fighters. It should be noted that UFC arranges their own outfitting sponsors, though the money varies based on what a fighter could command themselves.

    The sale in general has been a major talking point backstage at WrestleMania night two, but talent truly aren't sure what's going on. Nobody from the bottom of the card to the top of the card was given any true indication who a potential buyer would be. Several talent contacted us to say they were ecstatic that it didn't end up sold to a Saudi Arabia led group. We were told that the relationship between WWE and Saudi Arabia was set to continue.

    We've been told that we could see some Endeavor-related guests in attendance as soon as tonight's WrestleMania night 2.

  • Das könnte Interessant werden, wie es dann läuft. Denke das man dann öfter WWE vs UFC Fighter bekommt. Aber auch der Deal um die Saudis wird interessant. Denn der Ari Emanuel CEO von Endeavor hat damals bei dem Mord um den Journalisten glaube ich, alle Beziehungen zu den Saudis gekappt.

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  • Das sind ja mal News am morgen. Vince soll ruhig Chairman sein, so lange er sich aus dem kreativen Zeugs raus hält.

    Und Papa Shango :

  • Das sind ja mal News am morgen. Vince soll ruhig Chairman sein, so lange er sich aus dem kreativen Zeugs raus hält.

    Hab vergessen es in Spoiler zu packen, war ja schon spät.

    Scheinbar machst du nie Fehler, oh warte einen schon, gleich jemand als ehrenlos zu bezeichnen ohne die Hintergründe zu kennen.

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