[SPOILER] IMPACT! Wrestling Taping Ergebnisse vom 15.07.2022 & 16.07.2022

  • Am heutigen Freitag und morgigen Samstag (15.07.2022 & 16.07.2022) zeichnet man die kommenden IMPACT Wrestling Ausgaben auf.

    Die Aufzeichnungen finden in der Old Forester's Paristown Hall in Louisville, Kentucky, USA statt.

    In diesem Thread können die Ergebnisse sowie alles weitere zu den Aufzeichnungen gesammelt werden.

    Bereits für die Tapings angekündigt sind folgende Matches:

    - Mike Bailey vs. Rocky Romero

    - Deonna Purrazzo & Chelsea Green vs. Jordynne Grace & Mia Yim

    - Violent by Design (Joe Doering & Deaner) vs. Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley)

    - The OGK (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) vs. Bullet Club (Ace Austin & Chris Bey)

    - PCO vs. Doc Gallows

    - Rich Swann vs. Kushida

    - Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin

    Die nächsten Aufzeichnungen finden dann im Zuge der Events "Emergence" & "Second City Slamm" im Cicero Stadium in Chicago, Illinois am 12.08.2022 und 13.08.2022 statt.

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  • IMPACT Wrestling TV Taping Spoilers From Louisville, Kentucky (7/15)

    Before The Impact: Laredo Kid defeated Swinger

    Before The Impact: Bhupinder Gujjar defeated Vincent w/Maria; Vincent was distracted by Heath's music, and Heath attacked him after the match.

    Before The Impact: Matt Vine defeated OVW's Ryan "Ryan Van Rock" Howe


    VXT (Chelsea Green and Deonna Purrazzo) defeats Mia Yim & Jordynne Grace

    X-Division Championship: Mike Bailey (c) defeated Deaner

    Masha Slamovich defeated Madison Rayne w/Gisele Shaw; Slamovich handed Shaw an envelope after the match.

    Bullet Club (Chris Bey and Ace Austin ) defeated Matt Taven and Mike Bennett w/Maria due to the interference of Heath

    Winner earns world title shot at IMPACT Emergence: Alex Shelley defeated Chris Sabin; after the match, Violent By Design attacked Shelley and Sabin. KUSHIDA debuted and makes the save.

    Digital Media Championship: Brian Myers (c) defeated Black Taurus; after the match, Bhupinder Gujjar threw Myers in the ring and he, Taurus and Crazzy Steve attacked Myers.

    Karl Anderson defeated Kenny King; after the match, King attacked Anderson with a chair, but Heath made the save.

    Tiffany Nieves defeated Jada Stone; Tasha Steelz was on commentary for the match.

    After the bell, Killer Kelly returned and attacked Nieves

    Josh Alexander defeated Shera; Shera seemingly got hurt, which cut the match short.

    Sami Callihan called out Moose and Maclin; Moose and Maclin evidently did a backstage vignette that showed they'll be working together. Tommy Dreamer came to the ring to help Raj get Shera to the back.

    KUSHIDA defeated Rich Swann

    Quelle: Fightful

  • Notiz: Diesmal sehr ausführlich, kompletter Bericht aus dem Impact Asylum kopiert.

    Impact TV Taping Spoilers.

    Night 2


    Savannah Evans with Tasha Steelz on commentary vs. Alisha - match went longer than it probably needed to because they seemed to keep screwing a move up. Savannah eventually wins

    Crazzy Steve vs. Maclin - Crazzy Steve and Decay's "Bite Your Face Off" thing is really over. Crowd pushed hard for it, but Maclin wasn't having that shit - until the end where Steve got it in and then promptly got destroyed. Maclin wins.

    Impact taping

    Deonna Purazzo vs. Rosemary with Taya and Jessicka - Ah, Jessicka. Jessicka is basically what you get when you ask Havoc to give her best (or worst) Kylie Rae impersonation. It was.....a thing. Deonna gets Jessicka riled up into distracting the ref when Rosemary has her pinned after the spear and allows Deonna to roll Rosemary up for the 3.

    Giselle Shaw vs. Masha Slamovich - Giselle got in a little offense and even her signature running knee. Masha kicked out and looked at her like she was crazy and killed her. Masha has now collected the full Influence set.

    VBD vs. Motor City Machine Guns - solid match. Guns win. Afterwards, Doering lays them both out. This brings out Kushida again to clear house, but then Eric Young returns to turn the tide and VBD leave the Guns and Kushida laying.

    Raj Singh vs. Sami Callihan - Basic squash with Sami winning with piledriver and rear naked choke. Sami says he's not done fighting. Calls out Moose and Maclin. Moose's music hits and his spotlight comes on but it's Maclin. Sami isn't fooled, dodges Mosse attempted Spear from behind and holds his own for a second before Moose and Maclin take over and leave him laying in the ring.

    Eddie Edwards w/Kenny King vs. Ace Austin w/ Chris Bey - always good stuff when it's these two and might be even better than previous matches with Ace as face and Eddie as heel. Good match. Eddie wins with the Die Hard driver.

    Laredo Kid and Trey Miguel vs. Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice - about what you'd expect. At one point Swinger and Dice put on gimp masks that I guess they got from Swinger's dungeon. Laredo and Trey get the pin.

    Killer Kelly vs. Tiffany Nieves - Kelly looks good in the debut with a mix of the femme fatale with the MMA stuff (mouthpiece) - Tasha and Savannah on commentary again. Kelly gets the win with the choke.

    Madison Rayne vs. Mia Yim - another good match (this night was really good for in ring stuff). Mia gets the win with Eat Defeat.

    Speedball Mike Bailey vs. Rocky Romero for the X division title - great match. Bailey will be in Japan for Super Juniors next year. Mark it down. Bailey wins with Ultimo Weapon.

    Kushida w/Chris Sabin vs. Deaner w/Doering - another good match. Kushida was all kinds of over and got the win.

    Alex Shelley and Josh Alexander contract signing - D'Amore comes out gushing about how being a coach is his favorite role in wrestling and he loves having two of his best students competing for the title. Josh tells Shelley that his first wrestling match he bought a ticket to see was in 2005 and Shelley was on the card and Shelley stood out over everyone cause he was unique. The next day he started wrestling school. He put him over as a guy with so much influence in wrestling and how many Alex Shelley clones he's had to face over the year. So, it will be an honor to face and beat the real Alex Shelley at Emergence.

    Shelley asks Josh why Josh is any different than any of the Alex Shelley clones that he talked about. Alexander responds by saying he's more of a Chris Sabin guy because Sabin won the big one and asks why Shelley just never seems to be able to. Shelley kills that dumb "can't win the big one" angle by pointing out he's never got a world title shot in Impact. He then points out all the injuries Josh has had over the years, but that it'll be his psyche that will allow Shelley to beat him.

    Shelley says, when they get in the ring, Josh is going to see a guy he paid a ticket to go see in 2005 and went to wrestling school 24 hours later because of. When Shelley gets in the ring, he's just going to see an Alex Shelley mark. Shelley tells Josh he won't leave Emergence with the title, but here's a consolation prize. He signs the contract and hands it to Josh.

    "Here's an Alex Shelley autograph"

    Mic drop.

    PCO vs. Doc Gallows in a Derby City Street Fight - Typical plunder match. Highlights was PCO ramming Gallows head into a drum kit. PCO removed the ring covering leaving the exposed wood. Gallows choke slammed bombed him ion the wood for a 2-count, then choke slammed him through the ring. PCO climbed out of the hole at 9. Eventually filled a glove with tacks, put the glove on, put more tacks in the gloved hand and did a diving fist drop on Gallows that knocked him into the hole and he got the three count.

    Good night of in ring action. Crowd was filled and hot all night long. They'll be back in November.

  • Da ich Impact nur sporadisch mitbekomme,mal eine, ernstgemeinte und nicht bösegemeinte Frage, aber ist Madison Rayne in den letzten Jahren nicht auch schon gefühlt 38 mal retired irgendwie? Irritiert mich immer wenn ich ihren namen lese weil ich der Meinung war´das sie irgendwann schon aufgehört hatte

  • Josh Alexander vs. Alex Shelley, nice one! 8)

  • Da ich Impact nur sporadisch mitbekomme,mal eine, ernstgemeinte und nicht bösegemeinte Frage, aber ist Madison Rayne in den letzten Jahren nicht auch schon gefühlt 38 mal retired irgendwie? Irritiert mich immer wenn ich ihren namen lese weil ich der Meinung war´das sie irgendwann schon aufgehört hatte

    Retired, bekam glaub ich ein Kind, returned, retired für Full-Time-Job, returned. ^^

  • Genauso schaut's bei Madison Rayne aus. Baby-Pause. Zurückgekommen, dann kam ein anderes Full-Time Angebot, ich glaube es war auch eine Art "Moderatorin im TV"?!?!

    Die Rückkehr JETZT folgte auch nur mangels Tag Teams, da sich IInspiration vom Pro Wrestling zurückgezogen haben

  • A N Z E I G E
  • Stimmt!

    Aber da waren glaub 1-2 Abgänge davor, die den Weg freigemacht haben.

    Das unglückliche Intermezzo von Kylie Rae und Taylor Wilde, Kiera Hogans & Nevaehs Abgänge...

    GLAUB sie hat Tylor Wilde "ersetzt", die eine Fehde mit Tenille Dashwood hatte. Aber auch hier, keine Garantie 😅

    Kann natürlich auch daran liegen, dass der andere Full-Time Job nichts war.

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