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  • Sehe das ähnlich . Habe es oft probiert . Aber das ist einfach nichts für mich . Gefühlt jeder zweite Wrestler einen Gürtel .

    Dazu kann ich mit Leuten wie Billy Gunn in 2022 nichts mehr anfangen.

    Alles zu durcheinander.

    Bin endgültig raus

  • AEW Rating Analyse vom heutigen WON:

    As far as a comparison, the NHL game on TNT in the time slot was down 40 percent in viewers and 25 percent in 18-49 from its usual numbers, doing 219,000/0.07. AEW wasn’t down anywhere near that much, which pretty much says that wrestling fans are a lot more patient and persistent than NHL fans as far as watching a blank screen waiting or watching a screen with no sound.

    The show did 840,000 viewers with an 0.29 (381,000 viewers) in 18-49 and an 0.22 in 18-34. That number was third for the day on cable and second in the time slot, behind an Atlanta vs. New York Knucks NBA game at 1,018,000/0.36 on ESPN. The Boston-Phoenix late NBA game was first at 1,215,000/0.45. The Charter issues only affected the Turner stations and not ESPN.

    Dynamite was down 3.4 percent in viewers from last week, but up 10.8 percent in 18-49 and up 6.3 percent in 18-34. Last week was also unusually low. If you figured nobody from Charter watching, which wasn’t the case, you’re at 1,050,000 and 476,000 in 18-49 which is an 0.37. However AEW hasn’t come close to those numbers in a while. So there were people watching, likely far less than usual, but it’s impossible to ascertain what the real number would have been.

    TBS was thrilled. When you look at how bad outage hurt the NHL, you can see why. Based on last week’s number, it could have been in he 0.21 to 0.25 range easily and probably should have been predicted around the latter number.

    Even with the handicap, AEW was fifth in women 18-49, third in men 18-49, second in 18-34 (No. 1 in its time slot beating the NBA game), sixth in women 12-34 and fourth in men 12-34. It also beat FOX all night.

    From one year ago, the show was down 3.7 percent in viewers, down 10.6 percent in 18-49 and up 26.7 percent in 18-34. Factoring out cable home losses, the real percentages would be up 4.0 percent in viewers, down 3.5 percent in 18-49 and up 36.7 percent in 18-34.

    The show did 100,000 viewers in men 18-34 (down 3.8 percent from last week), 52,000 in women 18-34 (up 33.3 percent), 161,000 in men 35-49 (up 18.4 percent) and 68,000 in women 35-49 (up 4.6 percent).

    The show opened with the Battle Royal at 883,000 viewers and 377,000 in 18-49.

    The end of the Battle Royal and the MJF/Ricky Starks promo and Samoa Joe/Darby Allin video package did 910,000 viewers and 417,000 in 18-49.

    The Jon Moxley promo and Joe vs. Allin for the TNT title did 845,000 viewers and 392,000 in 18-49.

    The end of Joe vs. Allin with the post-match and Wardlow run-in, Orange Cassidy & Kip Sabian video and start of Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta vs. Jake Hager & Daniel Garcia did 876,000 viewers and 419,000 in 18-49.

    The end of the tag match, the William Regal video, Moxley promo and House of Black promo did 882,000 viewers and 405,000 in 18-49.

    The Jamie Hayter interview plus Jade Cargill & Leila Grey & Red Velvet vs. Madison Rayne & Skye Blue & Kiera Hogan did 772,000 viewers and 331,000 in 18-49.

    The finish of that match, the Britt Baker/Saraya interview and first part of The Acclaimed vs. FTR did 769,000 viewers and 348,000 in 18-49. Most of the tag title match and post-match with the Gunn Brothers did 784,000 viewers and 356,000 in 18-49.

    Reading much into these numbers is a waste because you had 20 percent of the country with a frozen screen for most of the first 30 minutes, and then audio problems. You don’t know the point people got frustrated and the audio problems were worse in during the last three quarters which had the big drop. The MJF-Starks quarter all things considered should be viewed as very good, even amazing, because it’s hardly like people knew when the screens would be unfrozen to come back.

    The show did an 0.13 in 12-17 (down 23.5 percent from last week), 0.22 in 18-34 (up 6.3 percent), 0.36 in 35-49 (up 13.9 percent) and 0.35 in 50+ (down 14.6 percent).

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