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    Zufällig letztens entdeckt. Kennt ihr diese Choose your own Adventure-Books von Dungeon & Dragons? Das hier funktioniert so ähnlich, nur mit einer AI die die auf eure Aktionen reagiert und die Story entsprechend fortsetzt. Nachdem ich ein bisschen damit herumspielte und überrascht war, wie gut das funktionierte.. eskalierte die Situation ein wenig. Kurzum, ich wurde albern und probierte mal ein paar Sachen aus, als ich von einem Werwolf und ein paar Goblins angegriffen wurde. Das Resultat liest sich wie folgt und ich war durchaus amüsiert wie genial die AI das teilweise sellte:

    The werewolf slowly approaches you from the front, while two goblins armed with short swords run at you from both sides.

    > roll to the side, launching yourself at one of the goblins. I take the knife and attack the goblin.
    You roll to the side, your leg still hurting you. You thrust the knife forward, ramming it into one of the goblins eyes and bursting from the back of his head.

    > pick up the short sword and throw it at the second goblin.
    The sword narrowly misses the goblin, flying slowly through the air. The goblin easily picks it up and thrusts it back at you, ramming it through the shoulder of your left arm.

    > ignore the pain and kick the goblin into the face.
    The goblin stumbles back, dazed. You hold your sword with your right hand and swing it into the neck of the goblin, nearly beheading him.

    Soweit so gut. Doch dann kam plötzlich der Wrestling-Nerd in mir raus.. und die AI reagierte und zog mit!

    > turn around to the werewolf, finishing him off with an rainmaker lariat.
    The werewolf yells in pain as his legs fly over his head and he's driven to the floor. You put your knee on his chest.

    > make a rainmaker pose and pin the werewolf for the count.
    You force the sword through the monster's chest, blood spilling on your blade and running down the blade. After a few moments, the werewolf stops moving. You sigh as you hear the goblin still fighting behind you. (Anmerkung: Okay, hier hat sie mich komplett ignoriert... irgendwie)

    > pick up a goblin and deliver the last ride powerbomb.
    The goblin hits the mat with a thud, his back breaking from the force of your slam. You lay on the mat, your shoulder and arm throbbing painfully. Soon, the goblins rise to their feet slowly, clutching their stomach.

    > battlecry and attack again.
    You leap forward as the goblin brings his sword up to defend, your shoulder smashing into his stomach and sending him toppling over. The goblin's head slams into the stone floor with a sickening thud.

    > celebrate with a little dance.
    You do a little dance on the mat, hoping you don't get attacked from behind. After a few moments, you sigh in relief, turning around to face your wounds.


    Turning around, you see a massive werewolf.

    > say "another one? here we go again! COME AT ME, BRO!"
    The wolf leaps forward, but instead of attacking you, leaps through the window and out of sight. You turn to see the goblins returning, clutching their newly acquired knife.

    > say "I AM YOUR GOD NOW!"
    The goblins charge, bringing their knives up.
    "Yeah? Well I'm your devil."

    > say "YOU CAN'T SEE ME"
    The goblins laugh, one of them dropping a vial of alchohol on the ground.
    "Fool! We have potions that can see through any invisibilty spell!"

    Also ich finde es ganz unterhaltsam. ^^

    Try not to sing too many sad songs for yourself. The universe already hates you. Self-pity isn't going to help.

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