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Beitrag von DPWHolland:
After succesful editions with Rob van Dam, Kevin Nash, Bully Ray, Chavo Guerrero and many others, we proudly present GRANDSLAM 2013 featuring:

- Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner
- Carlito
- The Masterpiece Chris Masters
- The Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin
- The Vigilante Johnny Moss
- Bernard van Damme
- Cybernic Machine
- Eric Schwarz

Like everytime there will be FANFEST before the show where you can meet and greet all of the superstars aswell as take pictures, get stuff signed, ask Questions in the Q&A, a bonusmatch and many more.

Tickets will go on sale via on Saturday February 16 at 20.00 h.

- Front row 35 euro => SOLD OUT
- Second row 30 euro => SOLD OUT
- Third row 25 euro SOLD OUT
- Fourth row and beyond 20 euro ALMOST SOLD OUT => ORDER FAST!
- Standing room only (still a good view of the action) 15 euro SOLD OUT

FanFest ticket: 15 euro (OVER 90% IS SOLD!!)
Autographs & pictures from the WWE/TNA superstars are 5 euro each (you need to buy an autograph or photo ticket at the merchandise stand on the day of the show).

Soon we will be announcing more Superstars for our show!

Matches announced:

Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner faces DPW Champion Santos for the title
Carlito will take on the King of Bling Max Damon
Chris Masters will go head to head with the Grizzly Renegade Mark Kodiak
The Gold standard Shelton Benjamin will take on future WWE star The Untamable Emil Sitoci
Johnny Moss will take on The Sensei of Chops Kenzo Richards
Benard van Damme will face Eric Schwarz

FanFest bonus match: The TroubleMaker vs. Cybernic Machine!

PLUS the announcement of "him". What Icon is coming to Dutch Pro Wrestling to give someone the match of his career? If you are there to witness this videoannouncement live you will be the first able to buy tickets for that show!


The Leuningjes Arena
Julianastraat 49
Poeldijk (next to The Hague), Holland

Facebook Event Page:

We hope to see you all there!
Beitrag von Solero:
Wie immer jetzt schon ein tolles Line-Up! :)
Beitrag von Scott Stajner:
Steiner :cool:
Beitrag von Griese:
Usertreffen bei der Show? :p
Beitrag von DPWHolland:
Look forward seeing you guys there. If you have any questions, send me a PM.

Also keep in mind that this is our ONLY Supershow this year so grab your chance to come while you are at it, otherwise you need to wait a whole year ;-)
Beitrag von El Duke:

Beitrag von 4-Life:
Awesome!! I always wanted to meet my all time favourite Kevin Nash! Check! Thanks to you!
#2 on my wishlist has always been Scott Steiner. Thanks again :)
Beitrag von AX Murda:
Scott Steiner. :cool:

Damit muss ich nicht in den UK fliegen. Ich liebe euch alle.
Beitrag von DPWHolland:
Good to see everybody so exited. Make it happen!

@ 4- life: out of curiosity who is number 3 on your list ;-)
Beitrag von DPWHolland:

Next monday night (February 4th) we will announce the 3rd participant for Grandslam on June 2nd. He aswell is a former WWE superstar! Who will make the line up even bigger and stronger then it already is with Carlito and Steiner? You will find out on monday (and yes, he is a strong guy!).

Remember VIP tickets go on sale on February 9th. General ticket sales start one week later on February 16th. Make sure you DON'T miss Holland's biggest show of the year especially because it's the only SUPERSHOW we will be doing in 2013.

Please share and like our video and event on Facebook. (

Thank you!

ps and if you think we are done announcing wellknown names, you are wrong. We got plenty of surprises left for all of you. Stay Tuned!
Beitrag von 4-Life:
my #3 is Scott Hall - guess that will never happen
followed by Ric Flair & Hulk Hogan :p
Beitrag von Brain:
Hmm...parallel zum wXw Underground...da sieht's schlecht aus ;)
Beitrag von 4-Life:
eigentlich gar nicht. underground gibts dauernd, steiner wohl nur ein mal 8)
Beitrag von Brain:
Lohnt sich für mich trotzdem nicht, wenn ich mich an das tolle Nash-match zurückerinnere...und an die Tatsache, mehrere Stunden an einem bestimmten Bahnhof verbringen zu dürfen ;)
Beitrag von 4-Life:
gut, auf matches kommt es mir da auch kaum an. wobei steiner auch ohne ambitionen ein besseres match raushauen wird, egal gegen wen ;D

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