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Pro Wrestling Octane - Doppelshow **Abgesagt**

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Beitrag von Prozac:
Show wurde leider abgesagt. Hier das Statement:

14.2.09 Portsmouth

Something’s are just not meant to be...... It is with much regret that we have to announce the postponement of the Pro Wrestling Octane events in May.

Rumours and gossip will of course run rampant but the reason is simply this. The events were created to accommodate the possibly of "supercard" style shows utilizing talent that up until now only A-Merchandise have been able to bring to these shores. With announcements set for the 15th and 27th respectively we were set to announce Pro Wrestling Noah supertalents KENTA, Takeshi Morishima and making his UK debut Katsuhiko Nakajima and DDT, NOAH and ROH star Kota Ibushi's rearranged debut aswell.

Unfortunately Noah officials informed us on Thursday that their April tour has to be extended and will run over the first weekend for may, They have no other option but to pull the guys from our events. Their annual Global Tag League is a very important tour for them and they are unable to logistically work around not having the fighters in the final week. We have a fantastic working relationship with Noah and understand their situation completely.

This however creates a large problem for us with 4 top level talents now unavailable, and the possibility of Doug Williams being included on that tour and with Dragon Gate also confirming a major TV taping that weekend, it is conceivable we may lose pac as well. This is simply not conducive to creating the event we wanted to promote and despite having already reach a financial stability with the event, we spent Thursday and Friday considering all options but it was felt that instead of putting on a card of lesser quality we would postpone the events.

However it doesn't end there.

IPW UK Make the Save

Paul London vs Bryan Danielson will still happen in the UK on Sunday May 2nd, thanks to IPW:UK and fans will get the chance to witness the show stealing match from night one at an incredible price. The event to take place at the Sittingbourne leisure centre will feature some of the fighters planned for our events and full details will be forthcoming on shortly.

WXW present an additional night on the Saturday

Our good friends over at WXW will be adding the appearances of London, Danielson and others creating a super Saturday event the following day from May 1st,please check for more details.

Important Information


If you purchased through the website You will receive a refund via paypal for the full amount paid including postage by the end of play Saturday 14th May.

If you have place an order by card, your refund has already been issued and should show within a few days, (3 people's card's had expired and cheques have been posted already).

It is paramount to us that no one is effected by these events being postponed. If you have BOOKED & PAID for any form of travel on the Saturday, please contact us on (023) 9265 2211 and we will discuss the options we have available to us. We will of course require proof of actual bookings prior to this weekend.

if you need to contact us regarding any issues connected with the event then please e-mail me directly at [email protected]

Interesting notes/ramblings :

Our presales for both events were extremely healthy and was such that we would consider using York Hall again.
The Pro Wrestling Octane Belt was in development phase.
Still be Announced matches for night one would have been Kenta v Ibushi and Morishima vs Nakajima,
The how to get there for the most in-depth section of our website
Tyler Black was going to be one of the other American’s announced
Night 2 matches would have been Nakajima v Kenta in tournament. Pac v Ibushi and Morishima v Matt Cross.
The US names that were approached about the second spot Low Ki, Petey WIlliams, AJ Styles, Chad Colliyer
Another name that was approached was Ultimo Dragon.
We purchased a 20x20 ring for these events
We received incredible backing from FSM, The Sun, The star and WXW, as always have been an unbelievable help.
The February Edition of FSM was set to feature a 3 page ad for the events.
Our advertising campaign would have put the noah events to shame.
Matt Cross is easily one of the most professional people we have ever worked with.
I really liked the event posters, was some of the best we have ever produced
All talent was confirmed as of the 1/1/09 and announcements were staggered to create interest.
We had invested in a circular entrance way and purchased new top level HDV cameras for the event filming.
A promoting partnership with 1PW was formed literally 2 hours prior to Noah's e-mail.
I can't thank everyone enough who worked very hard up until this stage, a special mention goes out to Phil Austin who has been outstanding
Our continued partnership with all companies will be back for October's big event!
Beitrag von Sami~!:
Danielson vs. Saint ? oder nur beide announct worden ?

Ersteres wäre wohl das geilste überhaupt.
Beitrag von The Doctor.:
Da braut sich wieder was großes in England zusammen :)
Beitrag von Prozac:
Original geschrieben von Sami~!:
Danielson vs. Saint ? oder nur beide announct worden ?

Ersteres wäre wohl das geilste überhaupt.

Die beiden treffen aufeinander. Ich hab das Posting noch mal ein bisschen optimiert. 2 Matches + ein weiterer Wrestler sind bislang offiziell angekündigt. Das nächste Update soll am 7.1 folgen
Beitrag von The Doctor.:
Beitrag von Sami~!:
Whoa Saint vs. Danielson ist so unfassbar groß.

Aber Danielson wird dann am 1.5 wohl hoffentlich auch bei wXw gebookt sein.

Aber Saint vs. Danielson ey, soooooo unglaublich huge. Nur geil.
Beitrag von Prozac:
naja ich denke nun einfach mal, dass die Top Leute Samstag bei der wXw sind und Sonntag in England.
Beitrag von arri:
Original geschrieben von The Doctor.:
Da braut sich wieder was großes in England zusammen :)

Nur schade, wenn das "Große" dann wieder vor 35 Fans stattfindet ;)
Beitrag von Prozac:
Es waren ja auch da immerhin 350 und nicht 35 ;)
Beitrag von arri:
Original geschrieben von Prozac:
Es waren ja auch da immerhin 350 und nicht 35 ;)

Einigen wir uns auf 200. ;)
Dragon gegen Saint hört sich ja schonmal klasse an. Mal sehen was noch auf die Card kommt.
Beitrag von Tas:
Das allerdings war der Indypendance Day.
Pro Wrestling Octane ist das selbe Projekt wie letztes Jahr die beiden NOAH Shows (bzw. die 1.5 NOAH Shows) in England - und das war ein großer Erfolg.

Wir werden unseren VVK für dieses Wochenende erst im Februar starten (eben weil wir noch sieben Shows davor haben) und wir werden nicht den identischen Kader wie in England haben. Trotzdem kann es sein, dass da in absehbarer Zeit mal ein erstes Preview-Announcement kommt.
Beitrag von BenjaminBlümchen:
Original geschrieben von Prozac:

Former WWE superstar from RAW & Smackdown and TNA.

Das dürfte dann wohl Paul London sein.
Beitrag von Christoph Roos:
McGuinness dürfte hierbei allerdings auch nicht fehlen.
Beitrag von Prozac:
Jau Paul London vs Danielson wurde für den Freitag angekündigt
Beitrag von Tas:
Der 2. Mai ist ein Samstag, der 3. Mai ein Sonntag. ;)

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