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GPW "Hostile Takeover 2004" Results [ohne B-Boy, dafür mit wXw Champion]

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Beitrag von David Claßen:
GPW "Hostile Takeover"
Darwen, England
24. April 2004
ca. 200 Zuschauer

Round Robin Challenge - Match #1
- X-Dream besiegte Jorge Castano

- JC Thunder besiegte Cameron Knite & Jack Hazard

Lee Buttler kam heraus und kündigte an, dass B-Boy heute Abend leider nicht hier ist. Darauf kam der aktuelle wXw World Heavyweight Champion Double C zum Ring und forderte Chris Hero heraus. Hero nahm die Herausforderung an!

- Demo besiegte TJ Cain

Battle Royal
No Contest!

- Alex Shane & Drew McDonald besiegten Danny Chambers & Sean Macleane

Round Robin Challenge - Match #2
- Jonny Storm besiegte Jorge Castano

- Lee Butler vs Tony Warrior - No Contest

British Heavyweight Title Match
- Damon Leigh besiegte Joey Hayes (c) - Titelwechsel!

Round Robin Challenge - Match #3
- Jonny Storm besiegte X-Dream

- Minx besiegte Roxi

GPW International Title Match - 2/3 Falls
- Chris Hero (c) besiegte Double C [~40:00]
Match of the Night, manche Fans sagen sogar, bestes Match, was sie je Live gesehen haben!

Beitrag von Till Dawn:
Na wenn das mal keine gute Nachricht ist :thumbsup:
Beitrag von Strigga:
Klingt absolut fantastisch. Hero und Double C verstehen sich im Ring perfekt. Das ganze dann noch in einer Ausführung von 40 Minuten ist einfach nur ein Traum.
Beitrag von Austin 3:16:
:eek: Hero und Double C 40 Min. Sehr geil, die beiden haben es einfach drauf und wie Strigga schon sagte verstehen sich die beiden perfekt im Ring und deshalb wurde das Match in den 40 Minuten mit Sicherheit auch nicht einmal langweilig!
Beitrag von Evil HJB:
Die Show hört sich wirklich sehr gut an!

Beitrag von Sonjay Dutt:
Wurde die Show aufgenommen?
Beitrag von David Claßen:
Ja,die Show erscheint bei Outcast Video.
Beitrag von Gudoublet:
Als Besucher der Show hätte ich aber dennoch lieber B-Boy gesehen, denn die Chance Double C zu sehen ist doch höher als mal B-Boy live zu sehen. Dennoch war dies sicherlich ein würdiger Ersatz und ein 40 Minuten Match der beiden war sicherlich sehr gut. Die beiden haben bei der wXw schon ein super Match abgeliefert und mit 40 Minuten länge ist dies sicherlich eines der besten Matches bisher in dem Jahr.
Beitrag von HBK forever:
Hab's grad schon auf dem Hero-Board gelesen. Das Match hätte ich ja zu gerne gesehen. :cool:
War das Double Cs erster Auftritt in England ?
Beitrag von David Claßen:
Ja war es.
Beitrag von Marc LANDAUER:
Hi DK ?

Wie war die Show in Belgien ? :megalol:

Vin Man
Beitrag von David Claßen:
Ich hatte einen lustigen nachmittag, so wie ich es mir gedacht habe.

Zur Show: Es ist schon krass, wie gute Reaktionen der Main Event bekommen hat. Ich meine, nicht das ich wusste, dass es verdammt gut wird, aber dass die Leute Double C so begeistert aufnehmen und nun überall in England sehen wollen ist super und macht einen verdammt stolz.
Beitrag von MmX:
Show klingt echt gut :thumbsup:
Beitrag von David Claßen:
Hero Vs DoubleC...Blimey, sincerly it was just one of those matches that FORCES you to forget it's not actually real and you just lose yourself in the proceedings, the nearfalls and rope reaches where done to a degree where you thought the match would end and didn't think "meh he'll get to the ropes". It was just SO intense, I fucking loved it, start to finish, LOVED it! If there was a need to catergorise matches with the star system, then this would be a forerunner for a five star classic!

Hero Vs. Double C was awesome, definately worth the trip!

I really don’t think it’s an overstatement to say I believe Hero/CC to be one of the best live matches I have ever seen. Awesome match and well worth the trip.

I only attended the show with the intention of seeing Hero vs. B-Boy, so it came as a major disappointment that B-Boy was not there, but the substitute main event more than made up for it. One of the greatest matches I have ever seen live, Hero vs. Double-C.

You have also summed up my feelings on the match quite well there. I was knackered at the time but I honestly turned off all feeling as was 100% focused on the match. I could have watched them go twice as long as it was just so intense. Another thing I think I should point out is Chris Hero's eye contact. He has a great way of making eye contact with members of the audience as he is getting hurt which makes you forget everything and think "If I don’t cheer for this guy he is going to lose". Excellent emotion in his eyes, which came across well for me at least. As I said last night in my first post this has to be one of the best matches I have ever seen live if not THE best.It is hard to sum it up in words and I hope it comes over at least half as good on tape. Even at half as good it will still be a treat.

As for the show itself, the main event was awesome and although I was shattered I got well into it. ***** classic may be stretching it a bit but it was a great match and I hope it comes across on tape - I too have just realised the eye contact Hero does. He truly is excellent at his craft.

Chris Hero vs Double C-awesome unbelievable amazing one of the best matches ive ever seen....My match of the night

Hero VS Double C was AWESOME!!!! Yes Im a Hero-mark. But this match was one of the best I've ever seen. Hero really dose engage you in the match.
Double C was amazing too!
I loved the exchanges of European uppercuts/forearm smashes!!! Brutal!!!
Double C showcased a great new sleeper finisher! and even got Hero up in the Staright-jacket-shoulder facebuster thingy!!!
His new submission hold was beautifuly executed.
I hope Alex Shane was watching this match thinking "Why wasn't Doug VS Corino as good as this????"
Alex I hope you were been honest when you prasied Hero and Double C and book them for a FWA show. Hero Vs Doug would piss all over the last 4-5 title matches Doug has had.
And if Swiss Money Holdings aren't brought in to sort out a week FWA tag team division, will be very disappionted

Also i let off a huge yawn (due to tiredness not the match) during the Hero vs Double C match and Hero gave me an evil stare. Hero is absolutely superb in front of a live crowd and British feds should think of using him more especially as he spends alot of time in Europe. Hopefully this will also be the start of using people like X-Dream and SWH as well as other European talent. Especially with the piss cheap flights from Europe they can't cost much more then the top UK talent. I for one would really like to see a Pain inc vs SWH match. Also I feel X-Dream is a great talent and the perfect replacement for Jode Fleisch. Overall was really impressed with the GPW show and will definately be attending again.

And what can I say about the main event that hasn't already been said? Hero's attention to detail is outstanding, and the little things he does that you notice make you appreciate and "get" the match so much more, and Double-C is like a Euro-Hero...

chris hero and Double C are brillaint workers i've seen double C briefly and see a lot of Hero.. I cannot imagine how a main event could be better that that..
Beitrag von MS Corey:
Freut mich für CC, dass er SOLCH einen Einstand auf der Insel gehabt hat, war dann wohl sicher nicht das letzte Mal... :)

BTW: Pics? Videos?

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