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So gibt es nochmal die nächste Show. Diesmal aus dem Jahre 2000, aber schaut selbst. Ich hoffe das auch diesmal ein bisschen drüber geredet wird.

April 17, 2000
Commentators: Jerry "The King" Lawler and Jim Ross

WWF main title followed by the RAW IS WAR title and the lovely fireworks
dispaly. Tonight, we're in State College, PA in the Bryce Jordan Center
less than 2 weeks from Backlash.

Heavyweight Title Match
Chirs Jericho vs. HHH w/Stephanie and Shane
What a way to start the show. Looks like someone is a little worried about
what's going on in Rockford. Clips of Steph, Shane and HHH backstage and
Steph reminding HHH what Jericho said. Welcome to RAW IS JERICHO. Jericho
says it seems he's in hot water. Last week, he made the mistake of calling
Steph a bargain basement slut. He also called her the filthiest, dirtiest,
skankiest, bottom feeding trash bag ho he's ever seen. Jericho says he came
to apologize to all the bargain basement sluts and all the dirty, filty,
skanky, brutal trash bag sluts. He apologizes for even comparing them to
Stephanie McMahon. He's sorry for offending anyone except Stephanie.

HHH hits the ring and tosses his belt and goes right after Jericho. Jericho
ducks out and again grabs the mic. Jericho says how valiant and touching it
is HHH comes down for the honor of his wife. Jericho says if he really
wants to impress her, he should put the title on the line. HHH agrees and
we have a title match to kick off RAW. Jericho says since it's official he
introduces the Acolytes, his little insurance policy.

Jericho gets the first shot with a flying elbow. He follows up with punches
and kicks in the corner. Drop toe hold by Jericho followed by a
clothesline. HHH reverses a whip then kicks Jericho in the midsection.
Jericho fires HHH over the top rope and misses a baseball slide. Back in
the ring, Jericho hits a springboard dropkick to knock HHH off the apron.
An ASSHOLE chant starts. Jericho tires brings HHH back in, but HHH chokes
him over the top rope. HHH beat Jericho down in the corner and chokes him.
HHH drags Jericho so half of him is hanging off the apron. HHH hits a few
elbows across the chest and the action goes outside. Jericho bashes HHH's
head on the announce table, but then hits a boot to the midsection of
Jericho. Jericho is thrown into the ringsteps and HHH gets back in the
ring. Shane tries to get involved, but the aPa prevent it. Back in the
ring, HHH hits a vertical suplex and follows with a knee to the hair. HHH
mounts Jericho and repeatedly punches him in the head. Jericho's lip has
been busted open. Jericho gets up and fires back with forearm smashes. HHH
gets whipped, but Jericho puts his head down and HHH hits a DDT. HHH goes
to the top rope, but Jericho gets up and hits a super hip toss. Jericho
hits a forearm to the face and backs HHH in the corner. Jericho hits a boot
to the face then hits a missle drop kick off the second rope for a two
count. Jericho misses a clothesline and HHH goes for the pedigree. Jericho
counters and tries to turn over the Wallz of Jericho. Jericho couldn't get
it over and instead hits a slingshot, but referee Mike Chioda gets in
the way. Jericho hits a bulldog and HHH is down. Jericho goes for the top
rope, but Shane crotches him. The aPa chase Shane out and Stephanie throws
the belt in the ring. Both men get up at the same time, and HHH goes for
the belt. Jericho kicks HHH and uses the belt. Chioda is still down so
there is no count. Out comes Earl Hebner and gets a two count. HHH
hits a face buster. HHH realizes Hebner is now the official and nails him.
Jericho takes advantage and nails HHH with a spinning heel kick. Jericho
hits the lionsault and GETS THE (Fast) THREE!!!!!!
Winner and NEW WWF Heavyweight Champion: Chris Jericho via asai

HHH goes after Earl Hebner, but the aPa try to hold him back. HHH and Steph
cry in the ring as Jericho walks off the champion.


Moments ago....Jericho wins the WWF Title

HHH is showns trying to attack Hebner. Shane, tries to hold him back and
all the other officials try to restore order. Shane grabs Mike Chioda and
HHH takes Earl Hebner and leads him back to the ring. Shane has Hebner in a
front facelock and hands him to HHH. Shane grabs a mic and hands it to HHH.
Shane puts Hebner in a full nelson to restrain him. HHH tells Hebner he
just screwed him. Shane says he's been told before and Mike Chioda was the
assigned official. HHH tells Kevin Dunn to play the footage of the match
and asks Chioda if that was a fast count. HHH asks for Chioda's unbiased
professional opinion. Chioda says that it was a fast count and Earl screwed
HHH. HHH tells Mike to leave the ring. Shane still has a hold of Earl
Hebner and HHH tells Earl that he is going to reverse that decision and the
match never happened. He gives Earl the chance to reverse it and....Earl
SCREAMS NO!!! Shane grabs a hold of Earl again. Earl tells Shane and HH to
hold it and he says he'll reverse the decision on one term. That term is
nobody touches him as long as he's a WWF referee and that goes for HHH,
Steph, and Shane. HHH says he's got a deal and Hebner reverses the
decision. HHH tells Earl to go get the belt from around the waist of that
sawed off midget Chris Jericho.

Earl walks towards the back and HHH tells us we never saw a damn thing and
Chris Jericho isn't even in his damn league. Jericho walks out tells HHH to
shut the hell up. Jericho says he has to give up the title because the
match never took place and these Jerichoholics never saw him beat HHH.
Jericho says he guesses it's also not true Stephanie has slept with half the
boys in the lockerrom. During all this, Jericho has relinquished the WWF
title and Earl returns to the ring with it.

Earl tries to hand it to HHH, but HHH says it's not good enough. Hebner has
to put it around his waist where it belongs. HHH then says he wants to talk
about his deal. HHH says along as he's a WWF official, noone will ever lay
a hand on him again. Then HHH tells him, he's fired and HHH decks him.
Shane and HHH double team him and HHH picks him up for a pedigree. The rest
of the officials storm the ring and make the save. Now that's a great way
to start the show
Winner and Still WWF Heavyweight Champion: HHH via the last match never
taking place


Eddie Guerrerois shown backstage studying for his GED. Chyna
says study later, but right now, he has a match.

Moments ago....HHH attacking Earl Hebner

A limo is shown pulling into the backstage area and Linda McMahon
gets out. Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco meet her backstage.

Hardy Boyz vs. Essa Rios w/Lita and Eddie Guerrero w/Chyna
Eddie gives Chyna a dozen roses before the match. Eddie and Rios start on
on the attack and Mat gets thrown out. Rios hits a drop kick after a little
boost from Eddie. Essa and Jeff start. Short clothesline by Rios followed
by a snapmare and a kick to the back of the head. Eddie tagged in and he
kicks Jeff. Eddie hits a leg to the face on Jeff and a EDDY SUCKS chant
starts. Side suplex by Eddie for a two count. Jeff is thrown outside right
in front of Chyna. Chyna hits an elbow to the face. Jeff back in the ring
and Essa tagged in. Jeff jimps Eddie, but runs right into a drop kick from
Rios. Eddie tagged in again and hits a plancha on Jeff. Jeff finally gets
some offense with a tilt-a-whirl slam then tags in Matt. Matt cleans house
and they hit a double flapjack on Eddie. Rios is thrown over the top rope
and Jeff hits an over the top crossbody. Matt hits the Twistof Fate on
Eddie Jeff goes for the Swanton. Chyna knocks him down and and crothces him
on the ropes. The match continues and Eddie and Mat are left in the ring.
Eddie knocks Matt down and Lita goes up for a moonsault. Eddie gets in the
way and he gets hit instead. Matt gets up and hits the Twist of Fate on
Winners: Hardy Boyz via Twist of Fate

Post match, Chyna takes matters into her own hands and powerbombs Essa Rios.
Eddie gets up and gets his own shots in before they leave.

Linda is shown backstage and Shane walks in and gives her a hug.
Shane thought she was in Europe with Vince. Linda says she has an
important announce about The Rock. Shane tries to get it out of her,
but she says he's gonna hear about it the same time as everyone else.


HHH, Shane and Steph backstage stressing over why the
Rock is here. Shane said he'll take care of it.

Hardcore Title Match
Tazz vs. Saturn vs. Crash Holly
Tazz comes out with the belt and is announced as the ECW World
Heavyweight Champion. As Saturn is making his entrance, Crash attacks
Saturn from behind. Tazz and Crash start fighting and an ECW chant starts.
Saturn attacks Crash and sits him on the ringpost. Tazz throws Saturn.
Saturn attacks Tazz from behind. Tazz gets a two count that is broken by
Saturn. Bridging German Suplex by Saturn on Crash but the count is broken
by Tazz and a cookie sheet. Crash hits a drop toe hold on Tazz that chokes
him on the second rope. Hurricanranna by Crash on Saturn for a two count .
Tazz goes for a russian leg sweep, but Saturn hits a russian leg sweep on
Tazz at the same time. Tazz gets up and hits a clothesline. Crash thrown
outside and Hardcore Holly comes down. Tazz and Saturn in the ring hit a
double clothesline while outside Hardcore gets a two count with his own
referee, Jimmy Corneras Saturn gets caught in the ring and Tazz hits
a whiplash spinebuster then locks on the Kata Hajime. Crash breaks it up.
Hardcore hits the Hollycaust on Saturn, but Crash knocks Hardcore off and
covers Saturn. Jack Doan makes the three count and Crash gets the
Winner and Still Hardcore Champion: Crash Holly via pinfall

Shane confronts Linda again and wants to be filled in. Linda
says the announcement is going to be about Backlash and she should go do it
right now.


Kurt Angle wearing a posterboard trying to sell absitnace. He is the
founder of Olympic Heros for Abstinance.

Linda is in the ring and she is here to address a situation that she
feels is unfair. At Backlash, Rock is scheduled to face HHH at Backlash.
She says the deck is already is stacked against him. Vince has already said
he's in the corner of HHH and she assumes Steph will be there too. Linda
says the Rock has not asked for help, but after watching tonight and seeing
what happened at Wrestlemania. Linda has decided to put someone in Rock's
corner to even the odds. She says it's not Mick Foley Mick was a
one time, one night only and very happily retired. Linda says there is
going to be that very special individual who is going to have Rock's back.
In the Rock's corner is going to be none other than Stone Cold Steve
Austin!!! The crowd errupts and HHH, Steph, and Shane
head towards the ring. Steph is out first with a mic in her hand followed
byt HHH and Shane.

Stephanie tears the mic away from Linda. Stephanie asks if it's unfair.
Steph says it's unfair that Linda hopped on a little plain and thinking she
can come down to the ring and start making decisions about things she knows
nothing about. Stephanie reminds Linda about the last time they were in the
ring together and tells Linda the McMahon-Helmsle regime has no problem
slapping people around. She then says the McMahon-Helmsley regime is also
about opportunity and Steph gives Linda an opportunity to change her mind
and for the second time tonight, someone emphatically says NO into the mic.
Steph makes sure Linda isn't going to change her mind. Steph tells Linda to
remember, this is going ot hurt her a lot more than it hurts Linda. Steph
goes to slap her mom and Linda blocks it and slaps Steph! HHH goes to
pedigree Linda, but Shane attacks him. Steph tries to get in the way.
Steph slaps HHH then slaps Shane and.......

The Rock's music hits. The Rock comes out and says before those two
start playing Ali and Frazier, the Rock has something to say. The Rock says
he felt great when he woke up this morning knowing at Backlash it was going
to be HHH with Vince in his corner vs the Great One, but now after hearing
Linda's announcement, what was once a great situation just got *dramatic
pause* better. The entire world knows of Rock and Stone Cold's history and
they haven't always seen eye-to-eye, but they've always agreed that HHH is
the biggest asshole walking God's green earth. The Rock says in two weeks,
he's going to walk in, kick HHH's monkey ass and walk out the WWF champion.
Rock says there's no other way if you smell what the Rock is cooking.


Lugz Boot of the Week....Last night on Heat, Test hitting D-Von with
an elbow and Albert hitting a powerbomb

Moments ago...Stephanie trying to slap Linda, but Linda getting the shot

Michael Cole interview HHH. Cole says it's been some night for him.
HHH says he did not lose a damn thing tonight and don't ever say he lost the
belt tonight again. No one beats HHH. As far as Jericho goes, he's not
done. Jericho can bring the aPa with him for a six-man tag with DX tonight.

Dudley Boyz vs. Snow/Blackman
I think I just saw the sign of the month. Death Drop Diner Your tables
ready Sweet. The match starts outside the ring. It's announced
Dudleyz vs. T &A at Backlash. D-Von and Snow in the ring. Snow throws
D-Von out and hits a springboard asai moonsault. Buh-Buh and Blackman make
it in the ring. Blackman goes for a monkey flip, but gets thrown off.
Blackman and Buh-Buh fight outside now. D-Von and Snow back in. 3-D on
Snow. T & A hit the ring. Trish distracts th ref. Test pulls Snow
on Buh-Buh for the win.
Winners: SteveBlackman/Al Snow via Test's flying elbow

Trish gets in the ring for some reason. Buh-Buh grabs Trish by the hair.
D-Von goes under the ring and grabs a table. The tables in the ring and
Albert and Test are down. Trish plants a liplock on Buh-Buh to make him
release the hold. Buh-Buh goes into an orgasmic trance and Trish escapes

Earlier today....Kurt Angle interrupts a young couple and tells the
young lady if she wants to suck on something, suck on this and hands her a


Lavar Ardington, the No. 1 draft pick of the Washington Redskins,
shown in the front row of the ring.

Lightheavyweight Title Match
Scotty Too Hotty vs. Dean Malenko
Scotty starts with a side headlock then hits a shoulder block. Short
clothesline by Scotty followed by a whip and a shoulder block. Malenko
whipped into the corner and walks out. Scotty goes for the bulldog, but
Malenko levels him. After a few kicks, Malenko picks him up for a suplex
and a two count. Malenko kicks Scotty in the corner followed by a couple
headbuts. Vertical suplex by Malenko followed by rights to the face.
Malenko stomps on Scotty's hands and Scotty gets up and gets a couple shots
to the midsection. Scotty knocked back down by an elbow then gets snapmared
on his way up. Scotty thrown into the corner and clotheslined. Scotty hits
a powerslam for a near fall. Back body drop by Scotty and he whips Malenko
into the corner. Malenko walks out and Scotty hits the bulldog. Scotty
gets the look and goes for the Worm. He hits and picks Malenko up. Malenko
reverses a whip and hits a double underhook powerbomb, and locks on the
Texas Cloverleaf. Scotty inches his way to the ropes and gets the break,
Scotty goes to the top rope, but Malenko crotches him. Both guys on the top
turnbuckle and hits a superplex. Malenko tries to floatover, but Scotty
reverses and gets the small package for the three. Let the breakdancing
Winner and NEW Lightheavyweight Champion: Scotty Too Hotty via

Earlier today....Kurt Angle preaches about celebacy and Big
Show walks in and starts passing out condoms


Intercontinental Title Match
Big Show vs. Chris Benoit
Damn. They're putting everything on the line tonight. Benoit tries to chop
Show, but has no effect. Show throws him in the corner and slaps him then
gorillas presses Benoit and throws him halfway across the ring. Benoit
moves out of the way of an elbow and goes on the attack, but nothing hurts
Show. The action goes outside and Benoit is introduced to the steps. As
Show was going to head Benoit into the ring corner, Chris slips out and Show
ends up biting it. Show gorilla presses Benoit again and throws him over
the top rope into the ring. Show hits a couple elbows then a bog boot and
gets the crowd all hyped up for the showstoppa. Show grabs Benoit's neck
and benoit low blows him and gets DQ'd
Winner: Big Show via DQ

Kurt Angle comes down and attacks Show and after a couple shots,


Castrol GTX Slam of the Week....Rock hitting the Rock Bottom on Shane
through the announce table last week on Smackdown

Tag Team Title Match
Edge/Christian vs. Bossman/Buchanan
Bull and Christian start the match. They circle each other and lock up in a
collar/elbow. Christian backed in the corner then whiped. Christian with a
pick up and gets caught. Christian falls out and knocks Bull down. Edge
tagged in for a quick double team and Edge gets a couple more shots in
before tagging Christian again. Christian whipped and Bossman gets his boot
up. Bull hits the ax kick and tags Bossman. Christian sitting over the
middle rope and both guys slide out and both puch Christian. Bossman draw
Edge in throws Christian out and Bull beats up on him outside while Teddy
Long's back is turned. Back in the ring, Bossman lays Christian out
with a boot and chokes him. Bull tagged in and hits an elbow. Right hand
knock down. Bull uses his agility and hits a springboard clothesline for a
two count. JR calls Edge Christian. Bossman tagged back in and throws
Christian across the ring. Christian hits a drop kick after two elbows and
he finally gets a tag. Edge hits a spinning heel kick on Bossman and Bull
comes in and gets a back body drop. Bull thrown out. Edge hits the spear,
but Bull is on the top rope. Guuilotine leg drop on Edge. Christian back
in, but thrown back out. Bossman hits Teddy Long and the match is thrown
Winners and still Tag Team Champions: Edge/Christian

While Bossman and Bull are beating on Edge, the red pyros hit and Kane comes
out. Bossman is thrown out right away and Bull goes for the springboard
clothesline, but gets caught in a chokeslam.


Michael Cole interviews Jericho and the Acolytes. Cole asks how do
we know McMahons didn't slip the Acolytes money. Farooq if they had been
paid off, they'd be man enough to tell him.

Moments ago....Kane destroying Bull and Bossman

Road Dogg, X-Pac, and Tori shown backstage and Edge and
Christian walking by. The trash talking starts with Road Dogg telling them
to shine his belt up for him, and as Edge and Christain walk by, Road Dogg
and X-Pac attack them.


Road Dogg/X-Pac/HHH w/Tori, Shane, Steph vs. Chris Jericho/Acolytes
Once again, Mike Chioda is doing the honors. HHH and Bradshaw start.
HHH with some rights, but Bradshaw reverses with a whip and a boot.
Jericho tagged in and HHH goes for the pedigree right away. Bradshaw back
in with a clothesline from hell and Jericho slap[s on the Wallz of Jericho.
X-Pac makes the save and Road Dogg somehow is the legal man and hits the
shake rattle and roll. HHH tagged in beats Jericho down in the corner while
some guys walk with a huge BEER sign in the crowd. Faroqq tagged in
and Bradshaw comes in as well. Bradshaw has X-Pac in his arms and still
kicks Road Dogg. Fall away slam on X-Pac and Bradsahw turns his back.
Farooq and Bradshaw get beat by X-Pac and HHH. Road Dogg and Farooq are the
legal men now and Farooq whips Road Dogg. Road DOgg with the go behind and
start the juke, but never gets the jive. Farooq hits a nasty spinebuster
and both guys are down. Bradshaw tagged in and prevents Road Dogg from
tagging, but Chioda didn't see the tag and Farooq is still the legal man.
Farooq is isolated in DX's corner and Road Dogg tagged back in. Road Dogg
has front face lock and Farooq tries to walk to his corner. They end up
back in DX's corner and HHH is tagged in. Farooq gets a burst of energy and
whips HHH. Farooq puts his head down and HHH hits a facebuster. X-Pac now
in and chokes Farooq. SHANE'S A PUSSY chant starts (Way to go San Jose).
Road Dogg tagged and gets a few shots in and X-Pac tagged back in. Farooq
whips X-Pac then hits a back breaker. Both men down. X-Pac tages HHH and
Farooq tags Jericho. Jericho with right hands and knocks down HHH. X-Pac
and Road Dogg get the same. Bulldog by Jericho and the moonsault for a two.
X-Pac makes the save then hits the X-Factor on Jericho. DX and The
Acolytes fight to the back and Edge/Christian join the fight. HHH
and Jericho still down in the ring. HHH rolls over for the two count on
Jericho. The Acolytes come back and HHH has no back up. Schoolboy by
Jericho for a two count. Bossman and Bull Buchanan come down
to take out The Acolytes. In the ring, HHH hit the pedigree on Jericho for
the win.
Winners: DX via Pedigree

Shane, HHH, Tori, and Steph celebrate in the ring. They show a replay of
the Pedigree and Jericho laying on the ground in pain. A close up of HHH
and the show is over.

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Wow, noch eine meiner Lieblingsshows und auch die Ausgabe hab ich noch auf Tape.

Ich glaub damals hat The Rock "The mummy returns" gedreht und deshalb hat man Y2J ein paar Sendungen als Face anführen lassen und wie man an dieser Folge sieht, mit Erfolg:

Es geht gleich so richtig los und schon damals hat man IMO gemerkt, dass Y2J einmalig ist, wenn er Steph beleidgt. Als Trips seinen Titel auf´s Spiel setzte, dachte ich: gut, das 1. Match am Abend wird wohl kaum zu einem Titelwechsel führen, doch dann holt Jericho seinen Trumpf aus dem Ärmel: die APA(die damals ihr bestes Gimmick hatten).
Das Match war jetzt bis zur Endphase nix Besonderes, doch die letzten 5 Minuten sind Sports Entertainment in Perfektion. Es ging wirklich Schlag auf Schlag, Ref Bump, Shane, APA, Titelgürtel und dann kommt Hebner, den Trips damals überhaupt nicht leiden konnte.
Als Hunter Earl dann wegstößt rechne ich schon mit der DQ doch es kommt anders und wenige Sekunden später ist Y2J Champ. Unfassbar und einen Wahnsinnspop gab´s damals dafür(Triple H Gesichtsausdruck ist auch gold wert). Ein ganz großer Raw-Moment

Das nächste Segment ist auch sehr gut durchgezogen, das komplette Regime bedrängt Hebner(dem man einfach abkaufte, dass er von den ganzen Angriffen genug hat) der daraufhin seine Entscheidung revidiert. Jericho reagiert auch sehr cool mit folgenderm Satz:
"I guess it's also not true that Stephanie has slept with half the boys in the lockerrom"
Hebner wird dann noch gefeuert, was dem Regime noch mehr Heat bringt.

Als Nächstes kommt dann Linda und ich denke es kann nur bergab gehen. Sie kündigt an, dass Stone Cold bei Backlash in der Ecke von The rock sein wird Das Regime läßt sich das natürlich nicht bieten und was folgt ist einfach nur genial: Linda revanchiert sich für die Ohrfeige ihrer Tochter vor WM, HHH will daraufhin Linda den Pedigree verpassen, das kann Shane wiederrum nicht zulassen und ein Brawl ensteht. Steph verteilt ein paar Slaps an ihren Ehemann und an ihren Bruder, die Crowd liebt es und es ertönt "If ya smellllllll"
Das Publikum rastet aus und der Pop für The Rock gehört zu den größten, in der Geschichte von Raw . Rocky mit dem Üblichen und ich liebe es(obwohl ich damals lieber gesehen hätte, wie The Rock das Regime alleine bezwingt)

Die Show hat schon soviele Höhepunkte und es folgt der Kampf zwischen Malenko und Too Hotty. Klar, das Match kann mit dem davorgezeigten nicht mithalten, aber die beiden stellen einen netten Kampf zusammen und auch hier gibt´s eine riesen Überrschung, den Titelwechsel. Scotty war damals over wie nix und das Publikum kommt wahrscheinlich gar nicht mehr zur Ruhe...

Und es geht weiter mit dem ME, der IMO bedeutungslos ist, da man heute schon soviel geboten hat. Das Ende ist auch nicht überraschend, denn Triple H holt sich dann auch seinen Sieg über Jericho...

Trotzdem eins der besten Raw´s ever und vielleicht sogar das zweitbeste hinter dem Raw aus Dallas Anfang 2000!

Note: 1+++

Old Post Posted: 12.06.2005, 14:18 Uhr
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Ja, war schon ein geiles 1 von mir

Nobody is perfect... na ja, da war dieser eine Typ, aber wir haben ihn umgebracht.

Der Muselmann klaut unsere Frauen und ***** unsere Arbeitsplätze! Oder umgekehrt! Und der biodeutsche Mann guckt in die toten Augen seiner Gummipuppe. Na vielen Dank auch, Frau Dr. Merkel! (D. Wischmeyer)

Old Post Posted: 13.06.2005, 14:31 Uhr
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Auch von mir ne 1

EDDIE I will never forget you!

Old Post Posted: 14.06.2005, 17:29 Uhr
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Diese RAW ausgabe gebe ich auch ein 1+

Old Post Posted: 14.06.2005, 17:36 Uhr
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Diese Raw Ausgabe ist wirklich echt sehr kuhl, werd den Moment als Y2J sich den Belt ``geholt`` hat echt nie vergessen. Die Fans ticken da vieleicht aus, dass war unglaublich. Besonders geil fand ich den Typ in der ersten reihe der sich auf sein Stuhl gestellt hat und auf diesen dann wie bekloppt rumgesprugen ist und so fast runtergefallen wäre. Echt einfach nur geiler Stuff.


"When everything is over and the worst has happened, there's still one thing left in Pandora's Box: Hope."

"Once there was only dark. If you ask me, the light is winning."

Old Post Posted: 15.06.2005, 07:00 Uhr
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