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* Open Fight Night graphics are on the screen.

* Samoa Joe made his way to the ring and grabbed a mic. He said he is here to pick a fight and talks about Aces & 8′s and calls out one of the masked men and threatens to unmask him to expose him for the little bitch he is.

* Samoa Joe made the masked man (portrayed by Mike Knox) tap out to the rear naked choke. Joe went to unmask him until Devon, DOC, and other members of Aces & 8′s ran out until Joe bailed.

* Robbie E and Robbie T made their way to the ring. Robbie E said it’s not open fight night, it is “open bro night” and calls out the “fake Robbie E”, Jessie Godderz so he can show him what it is like to be a real bro. Jessie and Tara come out. Robbie says that this is a bro-off and there are 3 rules. #1: it is every bro for himself. When you get the spotlight you got to show everyone who you really are. Rule B: everything must end in a bro. He requests via music be hit and Robbie E dances. He asks Jessie to top that. Jessie requests music be hit and he shows off his muscles by flexing and lifting Tara up in the air and mitary pressing her and says that’s how you bro off “dude”. Robbie said it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be. Robbie said there were 2 things wrong: it’s bros, not his. He then says “problem #3″ is that he didn’t end the sentence with a bro so he is about to announce himself as the winner when Robbie T stops him and says there is one more bro left. Robbie T flexes the. Mitary presses Robbie E like how Jessie did before dancing to jazz-style music. He grabs the mic, says “bro” and exits as Tara, Jessie, and Robbie E all stand still, jaws to the floor at what they just witnessed.

* Rob Van Dam made his way to the ring and grabs a mic. He claims to have elevated the X-Division to a new level and he is here to address someone who has everyone talking about his athleticism and calls out Christian York.

* In a non-title match, Rob Van Dam defeated Christian York with the Five Star Frog Splash.

* At this point, they filmed the opening pyro and Bully Ray came to the ring and said over the past couple months that he and Hulk Hogan cannot get along. He says he doesn’t know what he has to do to prove to him that he is trustworthy. He said he has a lot of respect for Hulk and since tonight is Open Fight Night he’d like to call Hulk out, not to fight but to talk. Hogan’s music hits but Hogan doesn’t come out. Brooke Hogan ends up making her way to the ring. Ray asks where her dad is and she says he is not here. Brooke says he knows. Ray doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Ray says there is nothing to know. Brooke says someone may have taken a picture. Brooke says they need to go talk to him to show Hulk the man that Brooke knows Ray is. The two exit and Ray continues to say there is nothing going on.

* Austin Aries makes his way to the ring and takes a microphone. He is greeted with “you suck” chants and says coming from some intelligent people it holds a lot of weight. He wants to make it short and simple. Everyone says everyone saw that he had Hardy beaten fair and square. A production man botches and plays Aries’ music hits and Aries told the music guy “you’re fired.” The audience laughed and he said that the fans couldn’t do his job since they can hardly brush their own teeth. Guaranteed that will be edited out but it was funny.

* He continues saying that he should be the main event and calls out Roode for the main event of the show since Bobby Roode screwed him over after Aries did the same and they can settle it like men, unlike Jeff Hardy. He hyped it up: The IT Factor vs The Greatest Man That Ever Lived. Aries promises it will be electric.

* Christopher Daniels dances his way to the ring. He said he is not just the face of TNA Wrestling, he is a national treasure and the man with a rear that makes the girls cheer. He wants to give back to all the little people, because it’s “open fizz nizz” he knows that everyone is sad over AJ Styles being gone. He said they know everyone said it would be the last time, but they really meant until the next time. AJ’s music hits and he comes out…only it is Kazarian in AJ’s fear. Daniels asks “AJ” if he is ready to do this one more time. Kazarian, talking with a Southern accent and acting like AJ, says this has been the worst year of his life and Daniels beat him with his own finisher and is even thinking of calling up Claire Lynch. Daniels says no one wants that and Daniels apologizes saying that the fans won’t be getting AJ/Daniels for the final second last time and gives the fans permission to worship them. Chavo and Hernandez’s music hits and Chavo says how their 2012 was better and they will give the two of them a bad memory to end 2012 by putting their feet up their rears.

* In a non-title match, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez defeated Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. Kazarian, still wearing AJ’s gear, attempted the springboard forearm and missed, allowing Chavo to go up top and hit the frog splash for the pin.

* Gail Kim comes to the ring and says it is Open Fight Night and she knows who she is calling out. She said 2012 was her year and how she was the longest reigning champion until someone ended her reign via a fluke victory and she is ready to erase all of those bad memories so she can go into 2013 and reclaim her gold. She calls out Brooke Tessmacher.

* Gail Kim defeated Brooke Tessmacher via Eat Defeat.

* Austin Aries and Bobby Roode went to a no contest. Both guys did all they could to try to outcheat each other. A chair got involved and Earl Hebner got fed up with the two of them trying to cheat so both Aries and Roode threw Earl to the outside and both went for the chair. Jeff Hardy, who watched the match from the crowd earlier, came out and laid out both Aries and Roode to end the show.


* Mickie James and ODB defeated Tara and Madison Rayne w/Jessie Godderz via Mick Kick by Mickie on Madison.

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Die Segmente um die Robbies und Godderz, von Aries und von Kaz/Daniels klingen alle so genial funny.

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Ich mag Robbie E´s overselling nicht - ich mag Robbie E´s teilweise overacting nicht - aber zur Hölle - ich WILL dieses Segment sehen!!!

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Robbie T owned sie alle.

Die Aries-Promo sollen sie ruhig in voller Länge zeigen, so eine spontane Interaktion mit den Fans kommt häufig zu kurz.

Bei Genesis heißt es dann wohl Hardy vs. Aries vs. Roode. Das sollte gut werden.

Daniels und Kaz scheinen die Wochen einige lustige Segmente zu bekommen. Offenbar werden sie aber trotzdem wieder in die TT-Division gesteckt, da hat sich der Sieg von Daniels gegen AJ nicht wirklich ausgezahlt. Andererseits können sie der TT-Division nur gut tun.

Die Aces & Eights verlieren einfach zu viele ihrer Matches.

Gail und Tess erinnern noch einmal daran, worum es in der KO-Division die meiste Zeit des Jahres gegangen ist. Hätte man zwischenzeitlich auch leicht wieder vergessen können, so unbedeutend wie sie nach diesem großen Programm eingesetzt wurden. Da hat leider die Nachhaltigkeit gefehlt.

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Kaz verkleidet als AJ Styles und er benutzt sogar dessen Moves....das wird göttlich

Gar kein Gut Check bei OFN

Hardy vs. Aries vs. Roode klingt auch sehr gut.

Die Aces hingegen verlieren nur und können für mich eigentlich nur noch durch eine große Enthüllung gerettet werden. Jarrett oder Steiner würde mein Interesse wieder aufleben lassen.

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Viel Comedy und bei Genesis wohl ein Three Way. Liest sich gut.
Nur King vs RVD brauch ich nicht nochmal. Ich brauch RVD eigentlich überhaupt nicht.

"Ich glaube, dass in der Anhäufung von Schwachsinn mehr Wahrheit liegt als in der Anhäufung von Wahrheit." - Christoph Schlingensief

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